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What sensors are supported by the NetBotz Wireless Sensor Pod 180 (nbpd0180) ?
... NetBotz Door Switch Sensor for APC Racks - 12 ... NetBotz Door Switch Sensor for APC Racks - 62 ... NetBotz Door Switch Sensor for Third Party ... NetBotz Door Switch Sensor for Rooms or ... 50 ft nbes0302 APC Temperature Sensor - 13 ft AP9335T APC Temperature & Humidity Sensor - 13 ft (Only reports temperature when connected to ... nbpd0180 AP9335TH NetBotz Temperature
APC Environmental Sensors FAQ
We do not officially support lengthening the temperature humidity probe with PS/2 extension cables.
InfraStruXure Central does not read some sensor names if changes are made after initial discovery.
... relay, or temperature / humidity sensor is changed after ... discovery of the APC device, ISXC ... to propagate the sensor name change properly.
Are the APC temperature probes calibrated?
Are APC temperature or humidity probes calibrated? ... Environmental Monitoring Sensors NetBotz Sensors ... Users may want to attempt to calibrate their probes but he calibration of an APC probe is assured by design. ... The verification is only done at one temperature and humidity point, in a stable environment, against a traceable, calibrated laboratory measurement probe. The APC probe is not intended to be a laboratory instrument, it is designed to be adequate for the environmental management of a data center, computer room, wiring closet, etc.
How accurate are the APC Environmental Monitoring products?
... accurate are the APC Environmental Monitoring products ... Supported sensors The APC Environmental Monitoring specification sheet states relative humidity (RH) ... ... , the relative humidity measurement can be ... - This means that if the actual relative humidity was 30%, the APC Environmental Monitoring product could read anywhere from 25.5% to 34.5% RH. ... Please keep in mind that these sensors are proximity based, meaning they measure the temperature in a specific location (such as a rack).
What sensors come with the netbotznbrk0250 ?
Not all sensors are shown in documentation ... Temperature sensors are not shown in the inventory documentation. ... The nbrk0250 comes with one wired universal Temperature and humidity sensor , AP9335TH, and one Wireless Temperature Sensor (nbws100t) Neither are shown in the inventory within the Installation and quick configuration documentation. ... http://www. apc .com/shop/us/en/products/NetBotz-Rack-Monitor-250/P-nbrk0250
Can I extend the length of my Environmental Sensors and Probes?
... of my Environmental Sensors and Probes? ... to the Environmental Sensors and Probes that ... be connected to APC's Environmental Monitoring and ... - We do not officially support lengthening the temperature humidity probe with PS/2 extension cables. ... - This sensor connects via A-link communication. ... However, these sensors are connected via cat5 cabling which has a functional limitation of 100m per length. ... Additional information on connecting Environmental Sensors and Probes can be obtained via the User's Manual for the AP9312, AP9319, ap9320, ap9340, and current NetBotz products.
Why does my Environmental Manager (ap9340) report a disconnected sensor when the sensor is still connected?
... reporting a disconnected sensor but a sensor is still connected ... ... types of environmental sensors . These sensors are the AP9335T ... ... so that additional temperature / humidity sensors can be connected ... ... as a local sensor , meaning they ... These sensors should only be ... ... total of 6 sensors to the base ... well as 6 sensors to each Expansion ... ... as an Alink sensor , meaning they ... ... ap9520t/TH sensors to your entire ... No other sensors can be connected ... ... This includes older temperature / humidity sensors , such as ... few (these sensors only worked with ...
NetBotz 250 | Inaccurate Data Logs (prior to v6.4.6 firmware)
... NetBotz 250, temperature and humidity readings may show ... ... 6 the wired sensor temperature values reported through ... Graphing) and temperatures reported through the ... Status > Wired Sensor > Temperature & Humidity ) or the ... Device > Wired Sensor > Temperature & Humidity ) now report the same value if updated at the same time. ... https://www. apc .com/shop/us/en/products/NetBotz-Rack-Monitor-250/P-nbrk0250

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