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Installing Standard APC Rails to a Threaded Rack
The attached .pdf document outlines the modification of the standard Smart-UPS rail kit for use in a threaded hole rack.
What are the Minimum and Maximum mounting depths for Smart-UPS rails?
If you are using your APC rail kit to mount non- APC equipment your experience may vary.
What accessories are available for the "SURT" series of Smart-UPS Online UPS Systems?
APC SMART-UPS RT 208v 8/10kva BACKPLATE KIT W/ (2) 6-20r AND (1) L6 ...
How do I troubleshoot the fault LED on my Smart-UPS RT?
You should then contact APC Support while you are physically with the UPS and ready to troubleshoot.
Will my Smart-UPS RT UPS turn on without batteries?
Otherwise, replace the batteries as needed. Contact APC Tech Support for further assistance if necessary.
Installing a Smart-UPS in a WX series Netshelter enclosure
The maximum depth between the rails on a WX ... to use the standard Smart-UPS rail kit is 20.75"".
Mounting a standard Smart-UPS in a WX series enclosure
The maximum depth of the rails in a WX ... and the standard Smart-UPS rail kit is 20.75"" fully retracted ...
In the NetShelter WX 6U Vertical cabinet, can the 2U UPS Mounting Bracket also be used on a 1U or 3U Smart-UPS?
It is unknown whether a 1U ot 3U Smart-UPS can use the 2U mounting rail . ... The ar106v And ar106vi comes with a 2U UPS mounting rail installed. ... The UPS Mounting Bracket is made for a 2U APC Smart-UPS . To mount a 1U or 3U Smart-UPS into the ar106v/VI please use the mounting rail kit that comes with the UPS .
Will a short-depth Smart-UPS fit into the NetShelter WX ar106 or ar109 wall box?
... depth of the UPS , and available ... the front mounting rails and rear of ... ... new Short Depth UPS may fit into ... ... new Short Depth Smart-UPS will not ... cords into the UPS . ... the front mounting rails to the rear ... A UPS would need to ... https://www. apc .com/us/en/faqs/FA158651/ You can also find compatibility to all NetShelter cabinets and APC products by Googling "netshelter accessory compatibility chart" and pulling up FAQ 158651:

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