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NetBotz 750 | Physical Description

Physical Description of the NetBotz 750

Product Line:
NetBotz version 5
- Rack Monitor 750

NetBotz v5.X


Physical Description

1AC line inletInput power connection.
2Switched OutletProvides power to a device at a maximum of 10 A. Activates a connected device when configured events occur. (For example, a fan may be connected to this outlet, and the outlet may be configured to turn on when certain alarms are generated.)
3A-Link portsProvide communications and power to connected devices (sensor pods, rack access pods, and temperature/humidity sensors with digital displays) over standard CAT-5 cabling with straight-through wiring. For instructions to cascade devices, see the Installation and Quick Configuration Manual.
4Leak Rope portsUsed for connecting a NetBotz Leak Rope Sensor (NBES0308).
5Rack Access Ports*Ports for the door switch sensors (NBES0302 or NBES0303) and handle sensors (NBHN125 or NBHN1356).
6Universal Sensor portsUsed to connect APC by Schneider Electric sensors, third-party dry-contact sensors, and standard, third-party 0-5 V sensors. Third-party, dry-contact state sensors require the NetBotz Dry Contact Cable (NBES0304), and third party, 0-5 V sensors require the NetBotz 0-5 V sensor cable (NBES0305).
7Beacon PortUsed for connecting an Alarm Beacon (AP9324).
810/100/1000 Network PortProvides a connection to the network. Status and link Light-emitting Diodes (LEDs) indicate network traffic. See Link LED and Status LED for additional information.
9Private LANProvides a 10/100/1000 connection to a private local area network and 48 VDC to an attached device.
10Wireless Sensor CoordinatorUSB Port with Wireless NetBotz USB Coordinator (NBWC100U) installed. Used with wireless sensors.
11USB Type A PortsReserved for future use.
12Modbus RS485 PortReserved for future use.
13Voltage OutputProvides 12 VDC or 24 VDC (75 mA) to one connected device.
13Relay OutputUsed for connecting relay-controlled external devices. Relay Outputs can only be connected to Class 2 circuits.
144-20 mA InputsInputs for industry standard 4-20 mA sensors.
15Console PortProvides a serial connection to the appliance.
16Power LEDIlluminates when the unit is receiving power.
17Reset SwitchReboots the appliance.
18Exhaust fanExhausts hot air from the appliance.
*Note supported on firmware version 5.0.1. Update the firmware to access these features.

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