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Galaxy VM Seismic Certification and Anchoring Requirements.

Galaxy VM Seismic Certification and Anchoring Requirements.

Product line:
Galaxy VM

All models, all serial numbers

Request are received for documentation regarding Galaxy VM Seismic Certification and Anchoring.

Important Notes:
  1. Installation shall comply with all applicable national, state, and local codes.
  2. Installation to be completed by qualified contractors and personell.
  3. Refer to product documentation for additional details prior to installation and site preparation work.
  4. Schneider Electric does not undertake responsibility for the layout or construction of the floor.

Seismic Certifications, and Anchoring information are available on the Schneider Electric website.

Galaxy VM Product Home Page

Galaxy VM- 2012 IBC & 2013 CBC Seismic Certification – Auxiliaries

Galaxy VM OSHPD pre-approval letter

GVMANCHORING-SA- Galaxy VM Typical Seismic Anchoring

Galaxy VM Installation Manual:

Galaxy VM Seismic Anchoring Document: BYSN-9GN8T9_R1_EN
Galaxy VM Seismic Certification Document: COCR-9X4HHB_R0_EN
OSHPD Seismic Certification Preapproval Document: COCR-9MGPZW_R0_EN

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