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What are the potential results of using a Smart-UPS with X-10 equipment?


What are the potential results of using a Smart-UPS with X-10 equipment?

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What is X-10 technology? It is a home control system that sends high frequency

electrical signals that ""piggy-back"" the AC line to control common household

items such as lights and appliances.

The use of such technology does not adversely affect APC UPSs. However, a UPS

or surge suppressor may absorb or filter out X-10 signals as UPSs and

suppressors treat these signals as noise. The result, then, is that some X-10

equipment may cease to receive signals.

A possible solution is to install an X-10 isolator which prevents a UPS from

filtering out these signals. One commercial solution is currently available

from WWW.Smarthome.com. It is called a ""noisy device filter""

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