APC Symmetra® PX 40K UPS Frame Installation Deviation and Selection of Input Circuit Breaker Ratings

The APC Symmetra® PX scalable UPS frames provide customers with unique UPS power level scalability. This document gives the specifications for permitted input circuit breaker sizes for use with the APC Symmetra PX 40K scalable UPS frame and a 208Y/120V, 60 Hz utility source. This Applications Note is applicable to only the following APC SKU’s: SY10K40F , SY20K40F, SY30K40F, SY40K40F, when configured as either standalone systems or with the InfraStruXure® PDU 40kW 208V/208V W/ MBPwD w/o transformer - PDRPPNX10-M. This Applications Note does not apply to any configuration that includes the following APC InfraStruXure® PDU w/ MBPwD SKU’s which include input isolation transformers: PD40F6FK1-M or PD40G6FK1-M or PD40L6FK1-M

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Symmetra PX, Configurable Power Distribution
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