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The smallest and lightest lithium-ion up to 10kW UPS. Smart-UPS Ultra’s breakthrough technology is designed for edge environments and micro data centers. The Smart-UPS Ultra range delivers higher power density in a smaller footprint with flexible mounting — enabling more power, more space and more equipment at the edge.

Smart-UPS Ultra: Up 2.5x more power, 50% lighter, 50% smaller

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Single phase UPS monitoring, management and services options

Upgrade your old UPS and save

Get a new UPS while recycling your old one in a sustainable manner — any brand, any age using the APC Trade-UPS program. Upgrading to Smart-UPS Ultra gives you.

MORE SPACE: Up to 50% smaller than a traditional UPS, giving you more space for new equipment.

MORE POWER: Up to 2.5x more power and 3x battery life compared to traditional UPS can save you up to 50% on TCO.

MORE CONNECTIVITY: Be proactive with your monitoring and optimize performance via SmartConnect or pre-installed network card

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A field service agent recycling a VRLA Lead Acid UPS battery

Partners gain a competitive edge with innovative power protection

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