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For Surface Hub 2 with Microsoft and Steelcase

APC™ Charge Mobile Battery was developed to power Microsoft Surface Hub 2 and seamlessly integrate with Steelcase Roam™ Mobile Stand. Microsoft, Steelcase and APC by Schneider Electric bring you a truly mobile experience for teamwork and remote collaboration.
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Thinking Beyond the Microsoft Surface Hub 2 Battery

Space Saver

Installed in Steelcase Roam’s tray, APC Charge Mobile Battery saves space for your accessories.

Concealed Connections

Cable and connectors are cleverly concealed.

Integrated By Design

APC Charge Mobile Battery blends with Surface Hub 2 and Roam, making the battery almost invisible.

APC Charge Mobile Battery

APC Charge Mobile Battery for Microsoft Surface Hub 2 enables true mobility and supports your creative flow. Unplug, stay connected and never lose creative momentum as you move beyond the traditional meeting room, making any space a teamwork space.
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APC Microsoft surface hub battery

APC Charge Benefits

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Designed for Mobility

APC’s powerful battery is designed with Microsoft and Steelcase to make Surface Hub 2 truly mobile.
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Long Battery Life

Over 100 minutes of power from the moment you unplug the Microsoft Surface Hub 2.
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Easy To Install

Place, secure, and connect: battery installation is that simple.

What tech experts say about APC Charge:

“Key to portability is also the option to add a mobile battery from APC to the Hub, which lets team members unplug the system without losing all their work. That’s seemingly a no-brainer for collaborative devices like these.” – Brian Heater/TechCrunch
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Install Battery for Microsoft Surface Hub 2S in Minutes

Install APC Charge Mobile Battery in the Steelcase Roam stand to power Microsoft Surface Hub 2S in three easy steps. In just a few minutes your Hub 2S will be ready for team collaborations on-the-go.

A Collaborative Ecosystem

Schneider Electric and Microsoft have established a 30-year global partnership to build, market, and sell solutions for enriched customer value.
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Microsoft Surface Hub 2S

Turn any space into a teamwork space. Built for teams to work seamlessly together wherever they are, it scales and adapts to any space. Say hello to Surface Hub 2S.
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