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Modbus support for SMT, SMC, SMTL, SCL Smart Connected UPS

What Smart Connected UPS support Modbus communications.

Product Lines:
SMT Smart Connected UPS
SMC Smart Connected UPS
SMTL Smart Connected UPS
SCL Smart Connected UPS

Smart Connect UPS connected to local network using the SmartConnect port.


SMT  Smart Connected UPS with firmware 4.1 or above will communicate via Modbus over Serial and TCP
SMTL Rack Mount Smart Connected UPS models 750 and 1000 will communicate via Modbus over Serial and TCP SMTL750RM2UC requires firmware 01.3 SMTL1000RM2UC requires firmware 01.5.
SMTL Rack Mount Smart Connected UPS model 1500 will communicate via Modbus over Serial only. SMTL Smart Connected UPS model 1500 do not support Modbus over TCP.
SMC Smart Connected UPS do not support Modbus communication.
SCL Smart Connected UPS support Modbus via USB. Models with an integrated Network Management Card (IE:SCL500RM1UNC) support Modbus over TCP

NOTE: The SMT and SMTL Smart-UPS with a Network Management Card AP9630, AP9631, AP9635 with firmware 6.4.6 or above supports Modbus over TCP. Smart-UPS with AP9640 and AP9641 support Modbus over TCP.

Links to

Modbus Implementation in APC Smart-UPS

Modbus Installation and Troubleshooting for AP9635/43/44 Network Management Card

Software interface for Switched Outlet and UPS Management in Smart-UPS
https://www.apc.com/us/en/download/document/SPD_MPAO-99NQL2_EN/ ​​​​​​​

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