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Video: NetBotz v3 | How do I create/restore a configuration backup?

Published date: 15 May 2018

Process for creating and restoring a backup on a v3 NetBotz Appliance.

Product Line:
NetBotz v3 (355, 455, 450, 550, or 570)

NetBotz v3 (all versions)


NOTE: A backup from a NetBotz Appliance can only be restored on the same appliance.  For details see knowledge base FA176136.

Creating a Backup

1) Log into the Advanced View application using an Administrator account.

2) Select the Configuration Tab and then under Appliance Settings select Backup.

3) Click Browse to select a drive and directory in which to store the backup file. Click OK to return to the Appliance Backup window.

4) If you would like the backup to be password protected, type a password in the Password and Verify Password fields.

5) Click OK and the backup will be saved to the location specified in step 3.

Restoring a Backup

1) Log into the Advanced View application using an Administrator account.

2) Select the Configuration Tab and then under Appliance Settings select Restore.

3) Click Browse and navigate to the backup file location. Click OK to return to the Appliance Restore window.

4) If you set a password for the backup when creating it, enter the password in the Password field.

5) Click OK and the backup will upload to the appliance.  The Appliance will reboot and restore the backup.

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