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Host running vCenter Server virtual machine (VM) is not commanded to shut down when PowerChute Network Shutdown is also deployed as a VM.

Host running vCenter Server virtual machine does not shut down properly when PowerChute is running on vMA or Virtual Appliance
/ deployed as OVF.

PowerChute Network Shutdown version 3.1 and 4.0

vCenter Server 5.x installed on a VM or vCenter Server Appliance 5.x, ESXi 5.x , PowerChute Virtual Appliance or PowerChute installed on vMA.

The user account configured in PowerChute Network Shutdown for vCenter Server does not have permissions to access the ESXi host directly. This can occur if the Active Directory Domain Controller is inaccessible during the shutdown sequence and the Active Directory domain account being used cannot be authenticated.


Please review pages 58 - 64 of the PCNS VMware User Guide and pages 19 - 20 of Application Note 180
For more help setting up local Windows account for use with vCenter Server and ESXi host/s see Schneider Electric FAQ FA241010

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