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Replacement Fuses for the Universal Transfer Switch (UTS)


What does APC by Schneider Electric recommend for replacing the fuses located inside my Universal Transfer Switch (UTS)?

Product Line:

Universal Transfer Switch (UTS)



Cause / Resolution:

The UTS is designed to work with most types of UL-listed, Branch Circuit Rated, Class CC fuses, rated 15A or 20A.

Occasionally it may be necessary to replace the fuses in the UTS. APC recommends that all fuse replacements be done by qualified service personnel.
The UTS is rated to work with UL-listed, Branch Circuit Rated, Class CC fuses, rated 15 or 20A. After a fuse replacement, make sure the circuit is configured
correctly with the size (15A or 20A) of the fuse.

The following are examples of UL-listed, Branch Circuit Rated, Class CC fuses, that APC recommends.

Ferraz-Shawmut ATMR15
Littelfuse KLKR015
Bussman LP-CC-15

Ferraz-Shawmut ATMR20
Littelfuse KLKR020
Bussman FNQ-R-20
Bussman LP-CC-20

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