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What rackmount surge protection do you offer?


What rackmountable surge protection does APC by Schneider Electric offer?

Product Line:

Protectnet, Surge Arrest Performance, APC AV Power Filters


G50NETB-20A2, G50NETB2

Cause / Resolution:

Surge Arrest Rack-Mount - Advanced power protection for rack-mounted equipment.

  • Lightning and Surge Protection to prevent damage to your equipment from power surges and spikes.
  • Noise Filtering attenuates EMI/RFI line noise that can cause data errors and keyboard lockups, ensuring better performance of protected equipment.
  • Catastrophic Event Protection include components such as MOVs and Thermal fuse to ensure instantaneous reaction of lightning strikes and wiring faults. If the surge components are damaged due to power spike or over voltage, excess power cannot reach your equipment.

Rack-mount ProtectNet - Modular data-line surge suppression for network, telecommunication and PC system protection.

  • Protection of data lines (Ethernet, Coaxial and Phone lines) ensures complete protection of your equipment from surges.
  • Replaceable surge protection modules allows you to use any combination of APC rack-mount surge protection modules and replace them quickly and conveniently if needed.
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