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USB Specifications for the WallBotz 500


USB Specifications for the WallBotz 500

Product Line:



NetBotz 500 NBWL0500


USB specifications.


WallBotz 500 USB Specifications

WallBotz 500 Base Unit
  • 6 USB ports
  • 4 USB channels
Channel Configuration:
  • The docking points (internal USB ports) share a USB channel
  • USB ports A & B share a channel
  • USB port C has a dedicated channel
  • USB port D has a dedicated channel
One Camera Pod per channel
Multiple Sensor Pods per channel

USB options increase the length that USB devices can be from the USB host:
USB Cables
  • Maximum of 16 feet (5 meters)
  • Attach USB devices to USB hosts/hubs
USB Hubs
  • 1 “B” connector and 1 to 7 “A” connectors
  • 4 chained hubs up to 80 feet (25 meters)
  • Use standard USB cables to chain hubs
  • Self-powered and Bus-powered available
USB Repeaters / Extenders
  • USB cable with integrated single-port bus-powered hub
  • 4 chained together with standard USB cable on the end going to the USB device (80 feet / 25 meters)
  • Bus-powered
CAT-5 Pod Extenders
  • Extends the range of USB devices using existing CAT-5 cabling
  • Range over CAT-5 Cable = 330 feet (100 meters)
  • Local extender unit = Self-powered, attaches to WallBotz 500 via standard USB cable, Upstream = USB “B” connector, Downstream = RJ-45 connector
  • Remote extender unit = Self-powered, integrated 1 port USB hub, Upstream = RJ-45 connector, Downstream = USB “A” connector
  • Maximum of 1 hub can be connected to the Remote extender unit
Fiber Pod Extender
  • Extend the range of Camera Pods & Sensor Pods using fiber cabling
  • Range over fiber cable = 500 meters Plus 5 m at each end for total 510 meters (1,673 feet)
  • Local extender unit(LEX) = Attaches to WallBotz 500 via standard USB cable, USB “B” connector IN, Fiber MT-RJ connector OUT
  • Remote extender unit(REX) = Integrated 4 port USB hub, Fiber MT-RJ connector IN, USB “A” connector out
  • Power connections required for both LEX & REX
  • Use fiber optic surface cabling or patch cord into fiber premise cabling
  • Package includes: LEX, REX, 2 AC power adapters, 2m USB cable, User guide
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