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Video: Symmetra LX system fan replacement

The Symmetra LX system fan has failed; what is the proper procedure for replacement? Typical Error messages for this issue are: "System Fan Fault" and "Base Module Fan Failed" or similar.

Product Line:
Symmetra LX

All serial ranges

The Symmetra LX system fan may require replacement during the lifetime of the system due to normal use.

For replacement of the system fan, please use the following instructions or view the featured video below:


  1. Command the UPS into bypass using the display interface
  2. Engage the Symmetra LX Maintenance Bypass Switch
  3. Remove the two retaining screws
  4. Slide System fan tray out and disconnect the two wire power mating connector
  5. Be careful not to damage the wire on the sheet metal which may be sharp
  6. Ensure neither pin have recessed within the connector or that there is no damage otherwise


  1. Connect the power connector and slide the fan back into the housing along the two guide rails
  2. Ensure not to pinch or slice the wires against the sheet metal
  3. Tighten the retaining screws
  4. Check diagnostics and raw status of the MIM to ensure it is working properly
  5. Disengage the Symmetra LX Maintenance Bypass Switch

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