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Single Phase Symmetra Battery Capacity Below 100%


The battery capacity of a single phase Symmetra may not reach 100%.

Note: This does not apply for battery capacity readings of 99%; a Symmetra system indicating 99% is operating normally.  A Symmetra will only display 100% under certain conditions such as having experienced no load fluctuation for several minutes.  At 100% the system can be commanded to perform a runtime calibration.

Product Line

Symmetra Power Array
Symmetra RM
Symmetra LX


All serial ranges


If the system has been allowed sufficient time to charge its batteries but is still showing a battery capacity value below 99% or 100%, there may be an issue with the XR communication card's ability to measure voltage of the battery modules in its frame.


To troubleshoot this issue, check the battery capacity and battery voltage in the PowerView Status menu as well as the raw status information for the extended run frame(s).  Next, take physical measurements of the DC voltage at the Anderson Connector of the extended run battery frame(s) and the Symmetra mainframe using a multimeter.

If the battery voltage in the status menu is approximately 137 VDC, the voltage reading at the Anderson connector for the extended run frame is 137 VDC, but the raw status of the extended run battery frame(s) is lower than VINT=137 then the XR communications card should be replaced/swapped.

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