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How do I cold start the Matrix-UPS?


How do I start up a Matrix UPS on battery (cold start)?

Product Line

Matrix UPS


All serial ranges


A UPS can be codlstarted to provide battery power to equipment or as a troubleshooting step.


The Matrix-UPS can be cold started through the LCD display screen, which is located on the front of the Matrix-UPS EU (Electronics Unit). When the dual pole input circuit breaker is moved to the ON position, this action turns the Matrix-UPS logic on. When the UPS Control menu on the LCD shows the 'Cold Start UPS' option, the unit is not able to go on line. That is, the unit will be operating on battery because it does not sense good utility voltage. After cold starting, the output frequency will always be 60 Hz on the North American, Worldwide, and Japanese models. Although the unit can be cold started, the Matrix-UPS is not intended for use as a portable power source.

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