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Mounting a standard Smart-UPS in a WX series enclosure


Mounting a standard Smart-UPS in a WX series enclosure

Product Line:

Smart-UPS / Netshelter


All Smart-UPS models, All Serial Numbers


Product Information

The maximum depth of the rails in a WX enclosure is 15.5"" and the standard Smart-UPS rail kit is 20.75"" fully retracted, making them incompatible. When mounting a Smart-UPS in a WX enclosure you must mount the unit in the bottom of the enclosure. The frame of the WX will support the rear of the Smart-UPS properly without the use of rails. The front mounting brackets of the Smart-UPS can then be secured to the front rail of the WX enclosure as usual.

Please note that the maximum equipment depth for this enclosure is 18"" and not all Smart-UPS units will physically fit.

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