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Maximum outlet density and flexibility

Innovative PDU design with up to 48 outlets* inclusive of 4-in-1 combination outlets in a single wide form factor for:

  • Optimised for high density and fastest speed deployment
  • Simplifies selection and planning, accelerates deployment, and provides flexibility for refreshes
  • Compatibility with standard C14 and C20 power cords
  • Future-proofed for new C16 and C22 cords required for IT devices designed for high temperature environments (60C)

*50% of outlets are 4-in-1 combination outlets, 50% are C13/C15 outlets

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Our most advanced PDU to date also includes these best-in-class features including:

  • PDU types metered, metered-by-outlet, switched, and switched with metering by outlet
  • Switched includes on/off outlet switching for remote reboots, outlet sequencing, and security purposes
  • Easy to use web interface for remote access
  • Compatibility with EcoStruxure DCIM suite
  • Much more! See for yourself in 3D or Augmented Reality (AR)

*Supported devices: iPhone 6S+ & iPad 5+ on iOS 12+ and Android 8.0+ with ARCore 1.0 support.

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PDU Advanced

Unparalleled agility

PDU Advanced feature 4-in-1 combination outlet

4-in-1 combination outlets

Industry first combination C13/C15/C19/C21 outlet for many rack layouts, configurations, & refreshes.
PDU Advanced feature worldwide rated 400-415V 3phase

World-wide rated PDUs

Some models dual rated for deployments across multiple regions with different electrical requirements.
PDU Advanced feature local manufacturing for increased availability and configure to order solutions

U.S. manufacturing

Enabling increased product availability and ability to offer configure-to-order options.

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Alternating phase and color coding

Alternating layout of outlets enables:

  • Greater organisation and power cord management
  • Faster installation and optimisation of rack space
  • Better airflow management
  • Reduced human error with simple and intuitive color-coding

Designed for high density

PDU Advanced feature high density two times the amount of outlets of previous models

2x the outlets

Up to 48 outlets to accommodate ever-increasing number of devices in each rack.

50% more power

Some models support up to 43.5kW (34.6kW derated for NAM) for most any density deployment.
PDU Advanced feature high density space saving form factor

Space saving form factor

More outlets and more density in a 2.2in single width PDU.

Delivering more uptime

PDU Advanced feature availability live swap network management card during power event

Live swap NMC

Live swappable network management card (NMC) allows for uptime even in a power event.
PDU Advanced feature availability power module power sharing during power event

Display power sharing

Maintain access to PDU data and operations during a power event by leveraging adjacent NMC.

Up to 8 sensors*

Support up to eight sensors to monitor and protect PDU and IT devices from environmental threats.
*Sensors expected early 2023.

Take control of your environment

Gigabit Ethernet port

Standard gigabit Ethernet PDU connectivity for today’s faster networks & future-proofed for networks to come.
PDU Advanced feature manageability dual network access for remote access

Dual network ports

2nd ethernet port available for cascading, connect via a 2nd private network or for redundancy.
PDU Advanced feature manageability network cascading up to 32 PDUs from one IP address

Network cascading

Up to 32 PDUs from a single IP address to simplify and speed deployment and decrease network costs.

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