Defend your home communication devices and family PCs against damage and file destruction from unexpected power grid changes, including surges and even lightning. Our worry-free UPS backup and APC surge protectors deliver industrial-strength protection and reliability for your most important electronics.


    切勿讓電力中斷問題成為您邁向勝利之路的絆腳石。Back-UPS Pro 會在電力中斷的那一刻,立即為連接的遊戲設備/路由器供電並提供保護,讓您可以繼續完成已開始的比賽。遊戲是娛樂,但 APC 對玩家的保護和備援電力絕對認真看待。


    讓您的家庭網絡安全無憂。 從保證停電期間重要的天氣情况更新到VoIP電話通信網絡連接,對于網絡訪問,一切有賴于APC公司。

    Home Theater

    Power your home theater and protect your movies, music and shows with APC. Access streaming content when you want, where you want.

    Mobile Power Packs

    From lights to alarms, to staying connected during a crisis, connected home remote access for mobile devices matters.



Back-UPS Pro





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