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Symmetra LX Spare Parts List
... parts for the APC Symmetra LX UPS system? Symmetra LX ... for servicing a Symmetra LX UPS. ... /240 VAC Symmetra LX systems ( Symmetra system part numbers ... Power Module Symmetra LX 4 kVA Power Module , 200v/ 208v - SYPM4KP Battery Modules APC Symmetra LX Battery Module - SYBT5 APC Symmetra LX Battery Module with flame retardant ... Intelligence Modules APC Symmetra LX Intelligence Module - SYMIM5 Symmetra LX Four-Post ... Symmetra LX / Symmetra RM Two- ... Symmetra LX frame electronics module – 200v/ 208v - SYAFSU13
Why does my 8kva Symmetra LX system have a sticker on the back that specifies 100 amp input?
8kva Symmetra LX systems have a ... Symmetra LX Symmetra LX systems scalable to ... ... for an 8kva Symmetra LX frame to have a ... ... 8kva and 16kva Symmetra LX systems ship with the same frame electronics module . This means that each system's internal wiring is rated for 100 amps despite the fact that the 8kva LX must be put on a 50a circuit for proper over-current protection. ... The 8kva LX system requires the customer to install a 50 amp circuit breaker to feed the UPS. Refer to the Electrical Installation manual under the Documentation tab of the product page on apc .com.
Converting Symmetra LX to and from rackmount and tower configuration
Symmetra LX APC by Schneider Electric ... ... to modify the Symmetra . ... : SYAOPT1 - Symmetra LX rack mount 4 ... contact APC Customer Support ... to convert a Symmetra LX tower to a ... APCs recommendation is that an APC certified field service ... , as the frame must be carefully ... ... and mounting the frame inside the rack ... The modules inside the UPS ... Once the frame is secured in ... , reinstall the modules and follow the ... ... ) SYAFSU8 - Symmetra LX top panel ... ) SYAFSU6 - Symmetra LX castors (left ... ... ) SYAFSU7 - Symmetra LX castors (right ...
What is the proper way to place a single phase Symmetra UPS into maintenance bypass?
... Single-Phase Symmetra UPS into maintenance ... Symmetra Power Array Symmetra RM Symmetra LX Single phase Symmetra UPS systems feature ... bypass the power modules and intelligence modules and provide utility ... if both intelligence modules must be removed ... ... a single phase Symmetra UPS system. ... Single-Phase Symmetra UPS is to ... ... removing both intelligence modules or cycling the ... ... present inside the Symmetra frame . Only the Power, Intelligence, and Battery Modules can be safely removed / replaced. If work is to be performed inside the frame , it needs to be done by APC's Field Service Engineers when the UPS is fully powered down.
Where can I get support for APC and MGE Products?
For support on APC and MGE products please visit: http://www. apc .com/support/ ... APC CS APC Enterprise Manager APC ES APC RS ... Microsol Modules Isoladores ... NetBotz 200 ... NetShelter Open Frame Rack Accessories ... Open Frame Racks ... Symmetra Symmetra Accessories Symmetra Battery Systems Symmetra MW Symmetra MW Accessories Symmetra Power Module Symmetra PX Symmetra PX Accessories ... Tune-UPS for Symmetra
Video: How do I upgrade the firmware on an APC Network Management Card (NMC) or NMC embedded device (Rack PDU, etc)?
... ap9340, Netbotz 200 ). ... installed in a Symmetra PX 250/ ... contact APC Technical Support in ... APC offers several different ... Symmetra 1 phase ( Symmetra , Symmetra Rackmount, Symmetra LX ) Symmetra 3 phase ( Symmetra PX) Symmetra PX 250/ ... ... /www. apc .com/ ... ... only on the APC public FTP site ... ... installed in a Symmetra PX 250/ ... contact APC Technical Support in ... ... firmware files from apc .com and ... ... for the firmware modules that you would ... ... the three firmware modules follow: Firmware Module
Steps to take when moving a Symmetra Power Array from one location to another
APC is not liable for any damage done to either the Symmetra Modules or the Symmetra Frame as a result of the moving process.
What input supply changes are necessary to feed a 208v Symmetra LX 240 VAC?
Symmetra LX can automatically adjust to input voltage between 200 and 240 volts. No change to the system is required to accommodate these voltages.
Battery Discharge During Storage
... any of these APC UPS models has ... ... , the battery modules should be disconnected ... ... , the battery modules should be disconnected ... ... Matrix-UPS Electronics Unit, as ... With Symmetra , Symmetra RM and Symmetra LX : ... Any time a Symmetra will be turned ... , the battery modules should be disconnected ... Depending on the Symmetra model in use, batteries can discharge below start-up voltage (approximately 90vdc) within 72 hours if the UPS is not operating normally. ... APC Batteries should be charged to 100% within 6 months of purchase by the end user.

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