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3 Kayıt Bulundu | Dec-2018 Duyurular
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APC Easy UPS Online 1,2,3,6,10 kva for global regions - Tower Long Models (Selected Countries Only)

Easy UPS On-Line

For our small medium businesses APC by Schneider Electric delivers a new category of UPSs designed for the essential power protection needs even in the most unstable power conditions, introducing APC Easy UPS Online.  APC Easy UPS Online is a versatile UPS developed to handle a wide voltage range, inconsistent power conditions while also delivering the quality millions of IT professionals trust around the world. The Easy UPS models are capable of supporting loads from 1-10kVA.

Easy UPS On-Line - APC
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APC Easy UPS Dry Contact Card

Easy UPS Accessories

APC by Schneider Electric is annoucing a Dry Contact Card Option that is compatible with Easy UPS SRV product family.

Parça Numarası: VGL9901I
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APC Easy UPS SNMP Network Management Card

UPS Network Management Cards

APC by Schneider Electric Easy UPS Network Management Card provides direct communication with your Easy UPS SRV. The SNMP software allows remote monitoring and the ability to manage multiple UPS from anywhere with internet access.

UPS Network Management Cards - APC
Parça Numarası: APV9601

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