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UPS Factory Warranty Information

Estimating your UPS Factory Warranty

APC product warranties are based on a fixed period of time starting from the purchase date of the unit. If proof of purchase cannot be obtained, the warranty duration is calculated from the manufacture date of the unit. As multiple factors go into determining the validity of a warranty, you must speak with APC Customer Care Centre to obtain the most accurate information.

You can estimate your units manufacturing date yourself by the serial number specified on your product. The third and fourth digits indicate the year your unit was manufactured, while the following 2 characters are the week your unit was manufactured.

How to locate your product Model and Serial Number

The model number is not on the front of the unit, but can be found on a sticker on either the bottom or rear of your product. The location of the label as well as letter and number sequences will vary by model and product type.
APC Serial Number

How to find your Manufacture Date

For example, if your serial number is XX1915XXXXX, this means your product was manufactured in the year 2019 (XX1915XXXXX) in the 15th (XX1915XXXXXX) week.

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APC products are backed by comprehensive warranties and policies to afford basic peace of mind right out of the box. Depending on your location and/or product, and to the extent your product has been sourced from the distribution channel authorized by APC to sell into your country/zone (“APC Distribution Channel”), you can have a factory warranty ranging from one to three years. Remember that you are responsible to verify from your supplier that your product originates from the APC Distribution Channel. APC reserves the right to refuse any such warranty should it be determined that your product was not sourced from the APC Distribution Channel.

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