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Single Phase UPS Basic Life Expectancy - When to consider a new unit over a battery.

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An old APC UPS has a valid failed battery issue. Would it be a better time to consider a new unit over a new battery?

Single Phase Back-UPS, Smart-UPS

Global information about APC UPS Batteries

It is known that batteries of a UPS either would last 3 to 5 years for VRLA and 8 to 10 years for Lithium Ion, in optimal operating conditions. Battery service life is subject to ambient temperature, the quality of input power, and the application the UPS is used in. However, the chassis and electronics of the UPS have a typical life expectancy of around 7 to 10 years, depending on the UPS model. In optimal operating conditions, a UPS unit may last longer than this. However, it should be noted that certain internal components like electrolytic capacitors and fans will have an estimated service life of 10 years. This is also subject to several factors, like UPS placement, ambient temperature, load, and input power quality. The service life of other components like MOVs and relays is variable, and depends generally on the quality of input power.

When the battery in a UPS has reached the end of its service life, or the UPS indicates the battery must be replaced and, if the UPS is more than 8 years old, then it is suggested that a whole UPS replacement purchase should be considered, as opposed to only buying a battery.

Purchasing a UPS will have the following benefits:

  • If a new UPS is purchased, the UPS chassis as well as battery will be covered by warranty. If only a replacement battery is purchased for an existing, out of warranty UPS, the warranty of a newly bought battery only applies to the battery, and not to the entire UPS.
  • If a battery was purchased for an old UPS and if the UPS chassis failed, the batteries cannot be returned normally. These batteries may be sold with open-box no refund/return policies and/or would have re-stocking fees involved in cases that a refund is approved
  • A new UPS will give you options to extend its warranty, up to a maximum of 5 to 6 years, depending on the UPS model. When you extend the warranty of the UPS, it also covers the warranty of the existing battery. This option is not applicable while buying only a battery.
  • A way to have a UPS with a more updated design that can help cope with the growing needs of newer IT equipment
  • Access to possible newer features and/or newer technology offered by APC by Schneider Electric

Note : An end user or a reseller can also take advantage of APC by Schneider Electric's Trade-UPS For Edge Computing. Old UPS units can be traded for a discount for a Brand NEW APC by Schneider Electric Smart UPS. APC by Schneider Electric will  Recycle the old unit in a sustainable manner which will be free of charge.

We recommend to please contact our Technical Support Agents at 1-800-800-4272 or chat with us at APC by Schneider Electric to properly troubleshoot your UPS prior to any replacement.

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