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Can the fan trays of a NetShelter CX can be opened independently?

A user may want to open the fan trays independent of one another.

Product Line:
NetShelter CX

All versions and serial ranges.

To open a particular fan tray the one(s) below it must also be opened.

The fan trays are attached by a wood plank so when a particular fan tray is opened the one(s) below it must already be opened.The fan tray doors need to be opened in order from the bottom first, then the next lower...etc.
Removing the planks of wood creates an air gap between each door. This would have two effects:
1. Noise will escape, so the sound proofing becomes less effective.
2, Instead of the air being pulled in from the front of the cabinet air will enter the cabinet through these gaps and short circuit the airflow loop, and may cause the equipment to overheat.

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