IOT is requiring organisations to move mission-critical data closer to the user and “things” which consume it. Learn how APC ensures maximum availability for those edge computing sites ensuring that data is always available when it’s needed.
As you increase your off-premise data, your network becomes increasingly more important. Trust APC to ensure your on-premise network is always available when you need it.
To maximize IT availability, professionals rely on APC products for their server rooms and network closets. We offer solutions for battery back-up,racking, power distribution, cooling and management for any server.
These self contained, secure computing environments can be deployed in any room. Fast to install, these drop-in-place solutions deploy quickly on the edge of your networks. Ideal where lag time, bandwidth and remote management are concerns.
Our customized solutions can stand-alone or fully integrate to turn any room into a data center.  Fast to design and install, these preconfigured solutions are ideal for any deployment.
Schneider Electric is the trusted source for the energy and efficiency solutions necessary to keep big businesses up and running. Discover the power and cooling systems that have been optimised and scaled for industrial use in transportation, utilities, hospitals, oil and gas, and more.
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