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StruxureWare Data Center ExpertClient Mismatch error

Published date: 26 March 2019


StruxureWare Central Client Mismatch error

Product Line:

InfraStruxure Central / StruxureWare Data Center Expert


Potentially all versions in a VPN environment


Possible DNS issue.


Normally this error only occurs if the version of the console you are launching differs from the version StruxureWare Central server you are trying to communicate with. For example, if you are using InfraStruxure Central version 6.2 and trying to connect to a StruxureWare Central 6.3 server, you should receive a similar message.

We have noticed a case using VPN that if you do not use the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) when trying to connect to the server, this error may incorrectly occur. After verifying the server and client versions match, use the FQDN instead of just the hostname of the server. For instance, instead of entering (where My_Central is the actual server name), instead enter (where My_Domain and are replaced with the actual values). Using the server's IP will also resolve the issue.

In some instances, trying to connect via HTTP when only HTTPS is enabled on the server may also result in this message. You may also see this error if you are trying to connect using HTTPS but you have the port set to 80.


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