APC Partner Online Marketing Center

APC Partner Online Marketing Center

We're constantly updating the site with new marketing tools, so make sure to check it out often!

We are committed to providing our partners with quality, high impact, and proven sales and marketing tools to help you grow your business.  APC has been in the marketing vanguard for years--unlike other companies we've measured what works and what doesn't.  Now we enable our channel partners to leverage our collective marketing experience.  We have direct mail/e-mail demand generating templates available online.  Co-branded promotional items, flyers, list purchase options--all the resources our internal marketing department uses are now available for you as well.

How do I get started?

Click the APC Partner Online Marketing Center Link and set up an account today!

Be sure to click on the  "How To" documents in the Introduction section with details on how the site works and steps to getting started. 

Please contact us at channel.programs@apcc.com if you have any questions regarding the marketing center.

Please note*  This is a third party website.  You will need to upload your customer list in order to send out a mailing or email blast.  APC does not have the ability to access, view or copy your customer list.  This is your proprietary information.

For partner specific up-to-the-minute pricing and new product information, please check the product info and price lists section of your Partner Page.