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How do I upgrade my SRT, XU, or XP Smart-UPS firmware using my Network Management Card?

Published date: 14 January 2020


What are the steps in order to use my Network Management Card to update my Smart UPS (SRT) or Secure-UPS (XP) firmware?

Product Line
Smart-UPS Online models with the prefix SRT
Smart-UPS Industrial XP1K9NN42RCC
Smart-UPS Industrial XU1K3LLXXRCC

(NOTE: For models with the Prefix SMT or SMX, refer to Kbase #FA170679)

  • Supported UPS model listed above
  • UPS Network Management Card 2 (AP9630, AP9630CH, AP9631, AP9631CH or embedded in the UPS) with Firmware 6.4 or higher
  • UPS power output *MUST* be turned off
  • Correct firmware file for the particular UPS
Links to download all necessary files can be found at the end of this document.


UPS Firmware Updates allow for continuous improvements and feature enhancements.
We recommend using the APC Firmware Upgrade Wizard via a Serial or USB connection to the UPS whenever possible. The APC Firmware Upgrade Wizard guides you through the upgrade process and incorporates more checks, providing a more consistent upgrade experience. You can find the Firmware Upgrade Wizard in Kbase #FA164737. Instructions are being provided here for users that are unable use the Firmware Upgrade Wizard and wish to upgrade their Smart-UPS Firmware using an APC Network Management Card.


Follow the steps below to determine your current firmware revision, select the proper firmware image, and update the UPS via the Network Management Card web interface.
A complete user's guide is attached to this Kbase document in PDF format. 
Step 1 - Verify the firmware revision of your Network Management Card (AP9630, AP9630CH, AP9631, or AP9631CH). From the NMC web interface choose “About”, then “Network”.
Firmware level must be 6.4.0 or higher

Step 2 – Find the correct UPS Firmware Image.
  • Use the UPS "ID" number to select the proper Image for your UPS.
  • From the NMC web interface choose “About”, then “Network”:
The "ID" is a unique identifier for the hardware platform of your UPS. We use the "ID" number to make sure we select the correct firmware file. Sometimes one specific model UPS may have different "ID" numbers depending on when it was produced. Always check the "ID" number of the unit you are going to upgrade.

Firmware Revision Matrix
 UPS Model UPS ID  Firmware after Update Firmware
 SRT 1.0/1.5KVA 120V only 1019  UPS 07.9 SRT1019UPS_07-9.enc
 SRT 2.2/3KVA 1025  UPS 07.9 SRT1025UPS_07-9.enc
 SRT 5/6KVA (firmware less than 2.9)
 NOTE: UPS must be upgraded to 2.9   and then to 5.0 using   the SRT1013UPS_05-0.enc image
1011  UPS 02.9 SRT1001UPS_02-9.enc
 SRT 5/6KVA (firmware greater than 2.9) 1013  UPS 05.0 SRT1013UPS_05-0.enc
 SRT 8/10KVA 1014  UPS 05.1 SRT1014UPS_05-1.enc
 XP1K9NN42RCC 1016  UPS 02.3 PMU1016UPS_02-3.enc
 XU1K3LLXXRCC  1017  UPS 02.2 XUL1017UPS_02-2.enc

 NOTE:  Image repository files are attached at the bottom of this document. 
Step 3 – Turn UPS Output Off
  • From the NMC web interface choose “Control”, then “UPS”:

Step 4 – Once the UPS output is Off, go to “Firmware Update from the “Configuration” Menu, then use the “Choose File” button to navigate to the firmware image you downloaded in step 2.
Once you have selected the correct Firmware image, click the “Update UPS” button to apply the upgrade.

If you attempt to update the UPS with the output power still on, you will see this message:

If you do, you should turn off the output power and then you will be able to continue.

Once you click “Update UPS” you will see this (Please note: Upgrade may take several minutes):

When this window closes, the update is complete.
Verify that the new Firmware version is shown.
NOTE:  If the update does not complete, or if you receive any errors, Please re-try using  the Firmware Upgrade Wizard, which can be found in FA #279197.
Step 5 - You may now turn your UPS back on
From the NMC web interface choose “Control”, then “UPS”

Select “Skip outlet on delays” to ensure power is restored immediately

Click “Next”.

Verify that power is restored to your attached load.
Your upgrade is now complete. 

Imgage Files:

Firmware Update Images 4.2
Firmware Update Images 4.1



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