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Why do I need UPS Management Software?

Protect your Devices & Data

During power disturbances, you risk data corruption and costly equipment damage. UPS power management software, PowerChute allows you to remotely, gracefully shutdown the devices connected to your UPS.

View and Monitor your UPS(s)

PowerChute Personal and Business Edition monitoring and management capabilities provide insight into the battery backups power performance and connected devices energy consumption. This visibility allows you to update energy costs for your home or business.

Which UPS Management Software should I use?

There are 3 versions of PowerChute which correspond with your APC UPS(s).



Keep your critical home and home office devices connected. Protect your personal and professional data and prolong your high-end PC’s life expectancy with PowerChute Personal Edition.


APC Smart-UPS 3kVA and under protect your small and medium businesses critical devices. Ensure your business is protected and prepared for unexpected power disturbances with PowerChute Business Edition.

Smart-UPS with a NMC

APC Smart-UPS with a Network Management Card integrates power protection into existing business IT infrastructures. Provide graceful unattended shutdown for physical and virtual machines with PowerChute Network Shutdown.

What is the installation process?

Personal Edition

Connect the APC USB cable to your PC’s USB port. Then download the software directly onto your computer, this will only take a few minutes. From there, the software will recognize the battery backup and connected devices. Follow the user guide for installation instructions.

Business Edition

Download PowerChute directly onto your PC, then view and monitor multiple Smart-UPS using SNMP over the network; any 3rd party Network Management System (NMS). Make device information available to your preferred enterprise management system by forwarding SNMP events across SNMPv1 and SNMPv3 using PowerNet MB.

Network Shutdown

PCNS works in conjunction with the APC Network Management card (NMC) to communicate with the UPS to protect the physical and virtual environments. Each Smart-UPS requires its own NMC to communicate with PCNS. PowerChute needs to run on a separate Windows/Linux/other server to control the system.

Back-UPS Mac OS User?

Mac OS is not a supported operating system for PowerChute Personal Edition. Energy management features and scheduled shutdown are Mac OS native features.
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