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Schneider Electric Critical Power & Cooling Services

Schneider Electric Critical Power & Cooling Services

Schneider Electric Critical Power & Cooling Services (CPCS) provides the expertise, services, and support you need for your building, industry, power, or data center infrastructure.

Our world-class services offer a smart way to protect your equipment, ensuring that your system is always operating at peak performance, thereby prolonging its lifespan.

Together we can develop a solution to maximize system availability, increase efficiency, and meet your budget.



Schneider Electric provides expert assistance for your project to determine criticality, costs, performance, timing regulatory compliance or sustainability.

Data Center Assessment Services - APC

Data Center Assessment Services

(Data Centers, Server Rooms, Network Closets)
An on-site evaluation and analysis of your data center or network closet with recommendations to maximize availability, improve energy efficiency and reduce energy-related costs.

Planning Tools and Publications - APC

Planning Tools and Publications

(Data Centers, Network Closets)
Guidance for improving the planning and design processes for data centers and network closets.


Schneider Electric will help you convert your plans into a safe, efficient, and reliable solution.

Project Management - APC

Project Management

(Data Centers, Server Rooms, Network Closets)
A service designed to help you complete your projects on time and within budget

Installation Services - APC

Installation Services

(Single Phase Power, 3 Phase Power, Cooling, Racks, Management Software and Security)
A set of service options designed to deliver the vital resources, expertise, and tools needed to quickly and efficiently implement your APC by Schneider Electric solution

Network Integration - APC

Network Integration

(Single Phase Power, 3 Phase Power, Cooling, Management Software and Security)
Services for migration, consolidation and optimization of IT equipment and cabling in new or existing data centers, server rooms or network closets.


Schneider Electric helps you maximize your installation uptime and control your capital expenditures through a proactive set of actions.

Vendor Management Services

((Data Centers, Computer Rooms, Network Closets))
Centralized source for optimizing maintenance programs, scheduling work activities and providing follow-up maintenance reporting for all of your Critical Facility Vendors.

Preventive Maintenance - APC

Preventive Maintenance

(Single Phase Power, 3 Phase Power and Cooling)
An on site examination of your system designed to ensure optimal performance scheduled to meet your needs.

Managed Maintenance Services

((Data Centers, Computer Rooms, Network Closets))
Mitigate risks with a process-driven management of vendor service activities using site-specific, operational procedures, supervised by our experts

Critical Facility Operations - APC

Critical Facility Operations

((Data Centers, Telecommunications Facilities, Labs))
Dedicated Schneider Electric staff on site will operate and maintain your data center utilizing a highly developed, standardized program focused on industry best practices

Extended Warranties - APC

Extended Warranties

(Single Phase Power, 3 Phase Power and Cooling)
Get an extension of factory warranty coverage beyond the original factory warranty term for peace of mind and protection from failure

Service Plans

(Single Phase Power, 3 Phase Power, Cooling, Management Software and Security)
Comprehensive service packages that allow you to design the coverage you need to operate your solution efficiently, minimize downtime and manage costs.

Battery Replacement Services - APC

Battery Replacement Services

(Single Phase and 3 Phase Power)
Installation, maintenance, replacement or removal of your UPS batteries, choose the battery service and stay ahead of potential failures


Schneider Electric monitors your systems to increase efficiency through proactive and tailored recommendations.

Training Services - APC

Training Services

Get the most from your Schneider Electric solution while learning from our industry proven professionals. Increase your knowledge and confidence operating your data center and managing your facility's physical infrastructure.


Schneider Electric extends the life of your system while providing updated operational capabilities.

Modernization Service - APC

Modernization Service

Your aging UPS may need upgraded components. See what we can do to rejuvenate it.