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How do I manage my users in StruxureOn?

Published date: 25 January 2018

How do I manage my users in StruxureOn?

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StruxureOn Gateway
Data Center Expert 7.4.X


As an administrator, you can set up and manage your organization's StruxureOn account and users on
  1. Log in to the management web interface available on (login icon, upper right corner) or using the direct URL
  2. Open the Users tab to invite new users to join your organization's StruxureOn account, revoke pending invitations, or modify a user's role.

    When you invite users, they'll get a welcome e-mail with login information for the app. 
    You can specify a user as regular user or administrator. 

    Users can: 
    - Use the smartphone app
    - View all devices monitored by all StruxureOn Gateways or StruxureWare Data Center Experts  through the smartphone app
    - View or edit their own user information on

    Administrators can also: 
    -  Perform user management tasks, such as adding or removing users or changing the priority list for contacts on
    -  Perform additional configuration of the organisation's gateways, such as configuring alarm thresholds, configuring device polling interval, and enabling automatic updates in the StruxureOn Gateway or StruxureWare Data Center Expert user interface.
  3. Open the Call priority tab to set up or edit the order in which the users should be contacted in case of an incident.  

    The priority list is used for example if a Schneider Electric service bureau agent needs to get in touch with the person responsible for your data center, to get in touch with the correct person close to the site, and on duty. It is a StruxureOn Premium feature. See how to upgrade to premium here.
    1. On, open the Call priority tab. 
    2. Drag and drop users to set up or edit the order in which the users should be contacted in case of an incident.   

    Ensure you keep the call priority updated at any time to ensure the correct people are involved in critical incidents, for example if responsibilities change hands or a temp takes over when someone leaves the organization or takes a leave of absence. 

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