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PowerNet SNMP MIB will not compile or load due to error with Integer32 and/or Unsigned32


Some users have reported an error while trying to load and/or compile the APC PowerNet MIB recently. The error may be similar to: "Problem found when compiling the MIB: ERROR: Cannot find symbol Integer32, Source: Powernet412.mib, Row: 6761, Col: 11 SYNTAX Integer32" and also apply to Unsigned32 values.

Product Line
  • APC PowerNet SNMP MIB


It appears certain compilers and SNMP NMS systems are having problems finding the definition for Integer32 and Unsigned32 values which are defined under the IMPORTS section of the MIB. APC's MIB has not changed this recently.


This will be addressed in a future MIB release. A workaround today is to manually edit the MIB in a text editor to contain the correct definition and references, as needed.

The MIB IMPORTS section looks like this today:
   enterprises, IpAddress, Gauge, TimeTicks            FROM RFC1155-SMI
   DisplayString                                                          FROM RFC1213-MIB
   OBJECT-TYPE                                                      FROM RFC-1212
   TRAP-TYPE                                                           FROM RFC-1215;

The MIB IMPORTS section can be edited as shown below:
   enterprises, IpAddress, Gauge, TimeTicks             FROM RFC1155-SMI
   DisplayString                                                           FROM RFC1213-MIB
   OBJECT-TYPE                                                        FROM RFC-1212
Unsigned32, Integer32                                            FROM SNMPv2-SMI
   TRAP-TYPE                                                              FROM RFC-1215;


With this adjustment, then the MIB should load and compile properly.

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