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NetworkAIR FM 3-Way Valve Flow Pattern

Published date: 18 July 2020

This document describes the NetworkAIR FM 3-Way Valve Flow Pattern.

Product line:
Network Air FM, ACFM, IR40.
All Product models, all serial numbers.
Proper set up for three way valve operation

Below are the Port designations and configurations to provide a clear understanding of the 3-Way valve position during operation.   We use the L-Port type.  This mean there is a red "L" on the actuator stem that movies according to the figure below to divert flow. 

Non-Spring: Assemblies are set up AB to A open at 0 VDC and will fail in last position, on loss of power
Spring: Assemblies are set up AB to A Open at 0 VDC and fail AB and A Open, on loss of power

Operating Conditions
  • Temperature Range -20°F to 320°F (@ 0 psi)
  • 200 psi Maximum Close Off
  • Saturated Steam Rating 15 psi Maximum
  • 600 WOG Body Rating
  • Chilled or Hot Water, Glycol up to 50%
  • Bi-directional Close Off - ANSI Class 6
Two-piece bronze body ball valves are powered with NEMA 2, 24 VAC/VDC electric actuators and controlled by on/off, floating or modulating commands. On/Off actuators accept a 24 VAC/VDC power supply That feeds the motor and drives the valve 90 degrees until the limit switch is tripped. The tripped switch shuts the motor down and the actuator holds the valve position until the power is applied again. Floating is standard on the on/off actuators and allows use with three wire output controllers. Modulating actuators function like on/off actuators except the actuator contains a servo card that responds to a 0-10 VDC signal. This input signal allows the actuator to accurately position the valve ball from full open to full close for maximum flow.

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