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KVMXXXX Series integration with HP iLO Support FAQ

KVMXXXX Series Support for HP iLO FAQ


  1. Which KVMXXXX SKUs support HP iLO? 
Only the KVM Access software supports HP iLO. KVMXXXX SKUs do not support iLO directly from their interface.
  1. Which version(s) of iLO does the KVM Access Software support?
iLO and iLO2 are both are supported via a Generic Device within the KVM Access software.
  1. What is the iLO functionality, does the software just launch the iLO interface?
Yes, the KVM Access Software just launches to the the iLO interface.
  1. Can I directly connect the iLO port on the HP server to the KVM via a CAT5e/6 cable?
No, the KVM is connected to a Dongle via the CAT5 cable. The dongle is connected to the VGA port, mouse, and keyboard ports on the target device. The KVM does not connect to the iLO card.
  1. With the iLO support, can the KVM turn on/off HP servers without the need for a Switched Rack PDU? 
  1. If using the iLO launched by the KVM Access Software, can I turn on/off the server directly without a Switched Rack PDU?

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