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Why can't I control newer UPS's through the management port on the Share UPS (AP9207)?


Unable to control a UPS via the management/advanced port on a Share UPS.

Product Line
  • UPS Management
    • Share UPS - AP9207
  • All Share UPS
  • Newer UPS such as those with the prefix SUA, SURT, SUM, SURTA

The AP9207 Share-UPS provides additional serial ports for graceful shutdowns using PowerChute Business Edition. The unit has seven simple signaling ports and one advanced management port.

Using he AP9207's management port and 940-0103 cable, you would be able to have limited control of older Smart-UPS units (models with the SU prefix). You could run self tests, turn the UPS off, etc. This functionality is not available to SUA, SURTA, SUM or SURT Smart-UPS models. You can still perform graceful shutdowns, however, the ability to run the diagnostics is no longer available


Please take into account that certain behaviors are no longer supported on newer SUA, SUM, SURTA, or SURTA UPS models.

Note: This device is also completely unsupported by any Micro-link UPS models, such as those with the SMT, SMX, or SURTD prefix.


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