NetShelter 2U Rack Fan Panel


Description: Air distribution systems for power dense racks and low pressure areas

Includes : Installation guide

NetShelter 2U Rack Fan Panel

Includes: Installation guide

ACF600 Features

NetShelter 2U Rack Fan Panel

  • Fault-tolerant fan system
    In the event of a fan failure, the remaining fan(s) will continue to operate.
  • Increases Airflow
    Provides proper intake temperatures, increasing equipment life.
  • Variable Speed Control
    Controls fan speed based on temperature with selectable set points.

Rack Air Distribution Features & Benefits

  • Increases Airflow
    Provides proper intake temperatures, increasing equipment life.
  • Easy to install
    Innovative design allows for fast, easy installation by almost anybody.
Product Distribution
Product Distribution

Antigua and Barbuda , Anguilla , Netherlands Antilles , Argentina , Aruba , Barbados , Bermuda , Bolivia , Brazil , Bahamas , Belize , Canada , Chile , Colombia , Costa Rica , Cuba , Dominica , Dominican Republic , Ecuador , Falkland Islands , Grenada , Guatemala , Guyana , Honduras , Haiti , Jamaica , Saint Kitts And Nevis , Cayman Islands , Saint Lucia , Mexico , Nicaragua , Panama , Peru , Puerto Rico , Paraguay , El Salvador , Trinidad and Tobago , United States , Uruguay , Saint Vincent And The Grenadines , Venezuela , U.S. Virgin Islands

Print Technical Specification


  • Input frequency
    60 Hz
  • Input Connections
    NEMA 1-15P
  • Number of Power Cords


  • Maximum Height
    89mm , 8.9CM
  • Maximum Width
    483mm , 48.3CM
  • Maximum Depth
    127mm , 12.7CM
  • Rack Height
  • Net Weight
  • Shipping weight
  • Shipping Height
    133mm , 13.335CM
  • Shipping Width
    527mm , 52.705CM
  • Shipping Depth
    133mm , 13.335CM


  • Audible noise at 1 meter from surface of unit


  • Standard warranty
    1 year repair or replace

Sustainable Offer Status

    REACH: Contains No SVHCs


  • Air Flow
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APC 208V/120V 10KVA Step down Transformer

The Step-Down Transformer converts high voltage (208 or 200 VAC) output into low voltage (120 or 100 VAC) output for powering low voltage AC equipment.

Fixed Shelf 50lbs/22.7kg Black

Cantilever fixed shelf to enable the mounting of a monitor or other equipment into the rack environment.

Rack PDU 2G, Switched, ZeroU, 20A, 208V, (21) C13 & (3) C19, L620 Cord

APC Switched Rack Power Distribution Units (PDUs) enable advanced, user-customizable power control and active monitoring. Remote outlet level controls allow power on/off functionality for power recycling to remotely reboot equipment and restrict unauthorized use of individual outlets. Power sequencing delays allow users to define the order in which to power up or down attached equipment. Avoid circuit overload during power recovery and extend uptime of critical equipment by prioritizing the load shedding. Current metering provides real-time remote monitoring of connected loads. Switched Rack PDUs include real power monitoring, a temperature/humidity sensor port, locking IEC receptacles, and low profile circuit breakers. User-defined alarms warn of potential circuit overloads before critical IT failures occur. Users can access, configure, and control Switched Rack PDUs through secure Web, SNMP, or Telnet Interfaces and is complimented by APC Centralized Management platforms using InfraStruxure Central, Capacity Manager and Change Manager.

17" Keyboard Drawer Black

Pull-out drawer design allows for easy access and out-of-the-way storage for all standard 17 inch keyboards.

APC Service Bypass Panel- 230V; 100A; MBB; Hardwire input; (3) 30A Hardwire Output

Extremely reliable service bypass panels designed for APC InfraStruXure® Type A, Smart-UPS, and Symmetra UPS products.

NetShelter VX/SX Door Sensor Switch Kit

Designed to monitor the NetShelter enclosure door access and notify users when either the front or rear door has been breached. The kit must be used in conjunction with the Environmental Monitoring devices. Attaches to integrated mounting posts on the enclosures.

Rack PDU, Switched, 1U, 15A, 100/120V, (8)5-15

Switched Rack Power Distribution Units (PDUs) provide advanced load monitoring combined with remote on/off switching control of individual outlets for power cycling, delayed power sequencing, and outlet use management.

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