Configurable Power Distribution

Configured to order, factory assembled power distribution units for IT equipment in any size data center or high density zone

The APC Configurable Power Distribution Units bring agility, availability, and speed of deployment to your data center. Our factory-tested power distribution units are built to your exact specifications, support overhead or underfloor distribution, and feature a convenient, portable rack form factor.

  • Install factory assembled and tested power distribution solutions fast and faultlessly
  • Control cable clutter with cut-to-size cord sets for your site-specific, custom-designed breakers and connectors
  • Reduce operating costs with NEMA-rated TP1 transformers – the most efficient in the industry
  • Perform maintenance and service from the front or rear - no side access required
  • Monitor and manage power usage locally at the PowerView display interface or remotely using a Web browser, StruxureWare Data Center Expert, or your building management system

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Products Part Number Compare
Product InfraStruxure PDU 60kW 208V/208V Part Number PD60F6FK1
How to buy
Product InfraStruxure PDU 60kW 480V/208V Part Number PD60G6FK1
How to buy
Product InfraStruxure PDU 60kW 600V/208V Part Number PD60L6FK1
How to buy
Product InfraStruxure PDU, 150kVA, 416A, 480V:208V Isolation Transformer, 84 Poles, 1 Subfeed Part Number PDPB150G6F
How to buy
Product Rack Distribution Panel 208 V Part Number PDRDPF10U-R
How to buy
Wide Range of Applications Configure-to-order process allows APC to configure, install, and test complete system before shipping
Front-access servicing Simplifies installation and UPS maintenance while minimizing space requirements.
Total Cost of Ownership
Circuit Breaker Panel Provides breaker positions for distribution to racks and power zones
Reduced footprint Minimizes your real estate expenses using the aesthetic APC™ NetShelter™ IT enclosure form factor
System mobility Power distribution units can easily be relocated to accommodate a changing data center environment.