Actassi S-110 Punchdown tool (1 blade included)


Actassi S-110 Punchdown tool (1 blade included)


Description: Actassi S-110 Punchdown Tool is specially designed to simultaneously seat, trim and terminate the S-110 connectors. With adjustable low and high impact force settings, this tool is spring-loaded for fast, low effort wire seating and termination. The tool also features a rugged and ergonomically designed handle with a storage compartment to carry an extra blade.

Includes : one blade , user manual printed on packaging

ACTTRJ45PDT Features

Actassi S-110 Punchdown tool (1 blade included)

  • Adjustable high and low impact force setting
    Accepts solid 22-24AWG conductors with various LAN cables.
  • Bayonet mounting
    Allows the blades to be changed quickly and easily.
  • Ergonomic rubber handle
    Helps reducing fatigue and provides no-slip grip.

Network Connectivity Features & Benefits

  • Quick and easy installation
    With innovations such as the S-One connector, the sliding 19” patch panels and the CL-MX cable, Actassi allows you to work faster: installation time will be decreased by up to 20%, still high-performing network cabling is ensured. The S-One connector is up to 50% faster to connect, and the pre-term fiber is up to 3 times faster to install.
  • Performance with compliancy to the most advanced international standards
    Network Connectivity Actassi products exceed the most advanced international standards, such as ISO/IEC 11801 amd 2:2010 for the new S-One connector
  • Innovation in design and offer
    Actassi includes one-piece tool-less RJ45 connectors (up to 50% faster to connect) ; 19" patch panels with quick-fix and sliding function, automatic earthling, and superior cable management and marking ; innovative LAN cables with one-foil shielding design ; 3 and 4 point Class EA LAN cabling with the highest performance ; pre-terminated fiber and copper offer, 100% pre-assembled and pre-tested.
  • Comprehensive offer
    Actassi includes RJ45 connectors; patch panels; copper LAN cables and patch cords; pre-terminated fiber optic solution.
  • Superior usability
    Actassi is easy to specify, easy to install, easy to use and easy to upgrade
  • Guaranty of performance, security and reliability
    Independent laboratory verification. Independent certification by 3rd party, renewed every year. 3rd party certified compliant covering all performance up to highest Cat6A (1OGb/s) available in both shielded and unshielded. Full component compliance to ISO 11801:2011 Ed 2.2, EIA/TIA 568-C. Training & extensive system warranty. Environment Focus: Green Premium offer (Product Environmental Profile)
  • PoE+
    S-One connectors enable PoE+ applications
  • Compatibility with Schneider Electric products
    Actassi components are designed to perfectly fit to other Schneider Electric products and solutions, to build a complete system.
Product Distribution
Product Distribution

United Kingdom

Print Technical Specification


  • Maximum Height
    45mm , 4.5CM
  • Maximum Width
    92mm , 9.2CM
  • Maximum Depth
    193mm , 19.3CM
  • Net Weight
  • Shipping weight
  • Shipping Height
    100mm , 10.0CM
  • Shipping Width
    197mm , 19.7CM
  • Shipping Depth
    205mm , 20.5CM
  • Color


  • Standard warranty
    3 years repair or replace
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