Managed Services Integration Kits

Simplified remote monitoring tool integration via SNMP.

Managed Services Integration Kits integrate APC equipment into popular Remote Monitoring and Management tools using SNMP via the APC Network Management Card. Once imported, these Integration Kits provide a wider and more comprehensive range of monitoring points beyond the out-of-the-box capabilities that most tools provide. System Administrators can easily monitor asset status and health based on polling and traps generated on the APC device.

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Products Part Number Price Compare
Product SolarWinds N-central UPS Integration Kit v1.0.1 Part Number SFNCTRL101-UPS Price --
Product AVG Managed Workplace UPS Integration Kit v1.0.2 Part Number SFAVG102-UPS Price --
Product SolarWinds NPM UPS Integration Kit v1.0 Part Number SFSNPM10-UPS Price --
Product Kaseya UPS Integration Kit v1.0.1 Part Number SFKASE101-UPS Price --
Product ConnectWise Automate for APC Devices - Documentation Part Number SFLABT10D-UPS Price --
Service desk integration Event automation and integration with service desk ticketing tools enable the development of resolution paths for faster and more accurate reporting.
Cost Savings
Lower operational costs Reduce service operational costs by using APC SNMP policies that monitor a wide array of APC device values.
APC validated policies APC validated SNMP monitoring policies provide in-depth insight into the health and status of APC devices without developing custom scripts.
Trend analysis Monitoring a wide array of APC device values can help system administrators identify problematic trends.
Predictive asset management Helps schedule maintenance downtime to minimize business disruption.