iBusway for Data Center

Reliable, efficient, adaptable power distribution with zero footprint.

The iBusway for Data Center solution is a plug-in busway power distribution system designed specifically to deliver power to IT racks. This new solution requires no IT floor footprint and eliminates centralized cable distribution. Using flexible pre-assembled tap-off units and featuring PowerLogic™ energy metering, iBusway for Data Centers is an aesthetic, modular solution that minimizes unintended downtime, adapts to changing needs, and optimizes your data center availability and energy efficiency.

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Product PB Busway Tap Off Unit, w/ EGX Integrated Gateway-Server Part Number PBPEGX4A100T
How to buy
Quick installation The iBusway for Data Center solution uses bolted snap-fit hangers and plug-in joint connections, which simplify installation and eliminate the need for expensive special tools.
High density With up to 20 plug-in openings every 10 feet, this high-density solution ensures convenient placement of tap off units above the IT racks they support and provides flexibility to meet future power demands.
Factory-assembled and tested units Reduce installation time and effort, and eliminate wiring mistakes during installation, with preassembled units that snap together.
Improved power availability Above-the-row busway system eliminates underfloor cable distribution and overloaded PDU panels while reducing the chance for human error when moving, adding, or changing critical branch circuits.
Eliminate cable clutter Aesthetic busway straights and tap off units with standard-length cables streamline the power distribution solution, simplify cable management, and reduce the risk of human error during moves, adds, and changes.
Total Cost of Ownership
Energy efficient Copper bus bars reduce heat losses and lower cooling demand.
Overhead design Installing the power distribution solution above the row frees valuable data center space for additional revenue-generating IT equipment.
Superior reliability Powerbus busway uses silver-plated copper bus conductors for the greatest electrical efficiency.
Real-time power monitoring Monitor data usage in real time remotely using a Web browser.
Enhanced connection-point visibility Quickly identify and reconfigure critical branch circuits - Tap Off Units with standard-length cables simplify identification of the circuit that supports each IT load in the data center row.