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NetShelter SV 48U 600mm Wide x 1060mm Deep Enclosure with Sides Black

NetShelter SV 48U 600mm Wide x 1060mm Deep Enclosure with Sides Black


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NetShelter SV 48U 600mm Wide x 1060mm Deep Enclosure with Sides Black

Tall Universal IT enclosure with 48U spaces for environments that can take advantage of higher spaces and provide more mounting u-spaces at each enclosure footprint. Compact width to optimize data center space. For low to medium density server and networking applications.

Includes : (4) Bolt down brackets , Baying hardware , Doors , Key(s) , Keyed-alike doors and side panels , Leveling feet , Mounting hardware , Pre-installed casters , Roof , Side panels , Unpacking sheet

NetShelter SV Enclosures Features & Benefits

  • Integrated electrical grounding
    The roof, side panels and front and rear doors are grounded to the frame of the enclosure. Eight additional electrical grounding inserts are located on the frame for external grounding.
  • Enclosure to floor bolt-down brackets provided
    Enclosure is delivered with bolt-down brackets that secure the enclosure to the pallet during shipment. These same bolt-down brackets can be utilized to bolt the enclosure to the floor at the final installation site.
  • Vendor-neutral EIA-310 19in Rack Mounting Compatibility Guaranteed
    Vendor-neutral mounting for guaranteed compatibility with all EIA-310 compliant 19" equipment. The "Fits Like a Glove" money back guarantee provides peace of mind that all of your EIA-310-E compliant rack-mount equipment will physically fit in a NetShelter.
  • Schneider Electric Rack Systems Compatible
    Compatible with a variety of Schneider Electric rack accessory products to provide the ability to create a complete rack system. Configure rack solutions using industry leading Schneider Electric Design Portal - Small IT Solution Designer configurator complete with verification of product compatibility and useful 3rd party equipment catalog to aid in visualizing your ideal rack solution.
  • Removable full-height side panels
    Side panels are removable for ease of access to the enclosure during equipment installation and setup. Side panels are lockable utilizing a single key that is also usable on the front and rear doors.
  • Enclosure adjustment tools and hardware provided
    All enclosures are provided standard with hardware bag that includes hardware for mounting IT equipment and tools for simple enclosure adjustment.
  • Cable access openings and panels
    Large cable access slots in the roof provides access for overhead cable egress. The bottom design allows for unobstructed cable access through a raised floor. Brushes included in roofs for 800mm (32 in) wide enclosures.
  • Quick release doors with spring pin design
    Front door can be moved to the opposite side or interchanged with rear doors. Doors are easily removed with simple spring hinge pin design.
  • Perforated front and rear doors
    Perforated front and rear doors provide ample ventilation for rack-mount equipment.
  • Simple Selection
    No need to spend hours choosing from and compiling dozens of part numbers to create a single enclosure. Schneider Electric has made it easy by handling the details and providing complete enclosures with single part numbers.
  • Unassembled enclosure option (42U x 600mmW x 1060mmD) for unique sites
    Not all installation sites have space clearance required to move and install standard height enclosures. This unassembled option is packaged for transport through narrow spaces and assembly at the installation site.
  • Joining hardware provided
    Enclosures include pre-installed joining hardware for joining enclosures in a row and provide additional stability to the enclosure. Enclosures are pre-installed with joining brackets for joining enclosures on 600-mm centers. Joining brackets for joining enclosures on 24-in centers are included with the provided hardware kit.
  • Standard-profile castors and adjustable leveling feet from underneath
    Enclosures are shipped standard with both leveling feet and castors. Leveling feet can be adjusted using a wrench from underneath the enclosure.
  • Adjustable mounting rails with simple alignment
    The vertical mounting rails can be adjusted in 0.4 in (10 mm) increments covering virtually any mounting requirement for IT equipment. Align the mounting rails with the opposite side of the enclosure by identifying the hole position used. U positions are numbered front and back for rapid installation of equipment.
  • Split rear doors
    Split rear doors improve access and serviceability to rear of rack mounted equipment. The split rear doors help to maximize floor space. Only 11 inches (279 mm) of clearance is required behind the enclosures to allow for door swing.
  • Pre-installed rear accessory mounting brackets
    Integrated and adjustable rear accessory mounting brackets provide zero U mounting locations for toolless accessories. Each bracket has two mounting bays to support a combination of up to four accessories such as Rack PDUs and vertical cable organizers mounted inside the rack. Adjust the brackets from their standard factory positions or install additional brackets (AR824002 - Qty 2) to install half enclosure height accessories such as cable managers and vertical Rack PDUs.
Product Distribution
Product Distribution

Afghanistan , Antigua and Barbuda , Anguilla , Albania , Armenia , Netherlands Antilles , Angola , Australia , Aruba , Azerbaijan , Bosnia and Herzegovina , Barbados , Burkina Faso , Bahrain , Burundi , Benin , Bermuda , Bolivia , Bahamas , Botswana , Belarus , Belize , Canada , The Democratic Republic Of Congo , Côte d'Ivoire , Cameroon , China , Costa Rica , Cyprus , Djibouti , Dominica , Dominican Republic , Ecuador , Eritrea , Ethiopia , Fiji , Gabon , Grenada , Georgia , French Guiana , Ghana , Gambia , Guadeloupe , Guatemala , Guyana , Honduras , Haiti , Iraq , Iceland , Jamaica , Jordan , Kenya , Cambodia , Saint Kitts And Nevis , Kuwait , Cayman Islands , Lebanon , Saint Lucia , Liberia , Luxembourg , Madagascar , Mali , Myanmar , Mongolia , Martinique , Mauritania , Malta , Mauritius , Malawi , Mexico , Mozambique , Namibia , Nicaragua , Netherlands , Oman , Panama , Pakistan , Puerto Rico , Paraguay , Reunion , Rwanda , Sierra Leone , Senegal , Somalia , Suriname , El Salvador , Turks And Caicos Islands , Togo , Tajikistan , Turkmenistan , Trinidad and Tobago , Tanzania , Uganda , United States , Uruguay , Uzbekistan , Saint Vincent And The Grenadines , Venezuela , U.S. Virgin Islands , Yemen , Mayotte , Zambia , Zimbabwe

Print Technical Specification


  • Maximum Height
    91.5inches ( 2324MM , 232.4CM )
  • Maximum Width
    23.62inches ( 600MM , 60.0CM )
  • Maximum Depth
    41.73inches ( 1060MM , 106.0CM )
  • Rack Height
  • Net Weight
    272.27lbs. ( 123.5KG )
  • Shipping weight
    309.69lbs. ( 140.48KG )
  • Shipping Height
    96.38inches ( 2448MM , 244.8CM )
  • Shipping Width
    27.56inches ( 700MM , 70.0CM )
  • Shipping Depth
    45.67inches ( 1160MM , 116.0CM )
  • Color
  • Maximum Mounting Depth
    30.6inches ( 777.0MM , 77.72CM )
  • Minimum Mounting Depth
    6.6inches ( 168.0MM , 16.76CM )
  • Front Door
  • Vertical Posts
  • Rear Door
  • Roof
  • Side Panels
  • Rack Width
  • Weight Capacity (static load)
    2204.99lbs. ( 1000.17KG )
  • Weight Capacity (dynamic load)
    1013.99lbs. ( 459.94KG )


  • Protection Class


  • Approvals
    EIA-310E, UL 2416, UL 60950-1
  • Standard warranty
    5 year repair or replace

Sustainable Offer Status

  • RoHS
Manuals and Warranties
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Unpacking instructions for the NetShelter SV Enclosures



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Installation instructions and customization options for the NetShelter SV Enclosures
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Racks and Enclosures, NetShelter SV



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