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APC Trade-UPS is a 1-phase UPS program that offers new and existing customers the ability to trade in older battery backup units for the most up-to-date 1-phase power protection models at discounted prices.

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Trade-in UPS summary
Number of trade-ins:0
Trade-in VA total:0 VA
New trade-UPS VA range
Trade-UPS target VA range
0 VA 0 VA
min. max.
New UPS summary
Number of new UPS(s):0
New UPS VA total:0 VA

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Surge Protection and Power Conditioning

Surge protection, harmonic filtering and voltage regulation from home to data center to industrial environments.

Protection from power sags, swells, and damaging power transients for residential and business applications
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A power strip with premium surge protection from damaging power transients for residential, business and industrial applications.
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