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Galaxy VX 500kVA, 400V, Start up 5x8

Galaxy VX 500kVA, 400V, Start up 5x8 Front Left
Galaxy VX 500kVA, 400V, Start up 5x8 Front Left
Galaxy VX 500kVA, 400V, Start up 5x8 Front Left
Galaxy VX 500kVA, 400V, Start up 5x8 Front Right
Galaxy VX 500kVA, 400V, Start up 5x8 Front Straight
Galaxy VX 500kVA, 400V, Start up 5x8 Back
Galaxy VX 500kVA, 400V, Start up 5x8 Front Left
Galaxy VX 500kVA, 400V, Start up 5x8 Front Right
Galaxy VX 500kVA, 400V, Start up 5x8 Front Straight
Galaxy VX 500kVA, 400V, Start up 5x8 Back
  • Highly efficient, scalable, 3-phase power protection with flexible operating modes and ECOnversion™ for large facilities, data centers, and business critical applications ...

  • Includes: Installation guide, Start-up service

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GVX500K500HS Features

Key Features

Run time for load
Run time for load
Enter the total load (power draw) of all devices to be protected by the UPS here. Based on the value entered we will estimate the run time that you will have during a total power outage. Adding run time increases availability by allowing the system to operate through longer outages without shutting down.

The total load (power draw) entered exceeds the maximum value for this product (500000 W)

Please enter load to see estimated run time

The total load (power draw) entered is less than the minimum value for this product ({} W)

Max. Capacity Used
Max. Capacity Used
The maximum percentage of UPS capacity used to support your specified load.

Please enter load to see calculated "Max. Capacity Used"

Output power capacity
500.0kWatts / 500.0kVA
Nominal Output Voltage
400V 3PH
Nominal Input Voltage
400V 3PH
Maximum Input Current
Galaxy VX 500kVA, 400V, Start up 5x8
Highly efficient, scalable, 3-phase power protection with flexible operating modes and ECOnversion™ for large facilities, data centers, and business critical applications.
Includes: Installation guide, Start-up service

Galaxy VX Features & Benefits

Total cost of Ownership

Input power factor correction
Minimizes installation costs by enabling the use of smaller generators and cabling.
Robust operation
No power derating in kW up to 40°C or 104°F.
ECO Mode
Operating mode that by-passes unused electrical components in good power conditions to achieve high operating efficiency without sacrificing protection
ECOnversion mode
Operating mode that ensures ultra high efficiency while charging the batteries, conditioning the load power factor and ensuring a Class 1 output voltage regulation.
Compatible with Schneider Electric's lithium ion battery solution
Reduces system footprint and weight, cooling and maintenance requirements, and total cost of ownership; offers double the life of VRLA batteries; and improves backup storage predictability and manageability.
Wide input voltage range
Designed for harsh electrical environments to save battery life.


Multiple levels of service
With the option of packages or individual service components, our services are structured to allow you to pick and choose based on your needs.
5x8 Start-up service included
Required for full coverage of factory warranty
EcoStruxure IT Expert
From your smartphone or computer, connect to our cloud-based, do-it-yourself monitoring system that collects, organizes, and distributes critical alerts and key information in real time, providing a unified view of even highly distributed physical infrastructure environments. Optimize your uptime and maintenance planning, and anticipate infrastructure issues before they occur with advanced analytics and performance benchmarking. Available in select countries. To learn more, visit a target="_blank" href="http://www.ecostruxureit.com"ecostruxureit.com/a.
Front-access servicing
Simplifies installation and UPS maintenance while minimizing space requirements.


Energy storage flexibility
Conventional flooded, VRLA, Nicad, Li-ion battery offers along with different charging modes allow tailoring to specific back-up requirements.
Internal backfeed protection
Increases system defense from power anomalies.
Parallel-capacity capability
Increases total power capacity by using multiple uninterruptible power supplies simultaneously.
Parallel-redundant capability
Powers the connected equipment with multiple uninterruptible power supplies and redundant fan design to increase system redundancy.

Product Distribution

United Arab Emirates, Afghanistan, Antigua and Barbuda, Anguilla, Albania, Armenia, Netherlands Antilles, Angola, Argentina, Austria, Australia, Aruba, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Barbados, Belgium, Burkina Faso, Bulgaria, Bahrain, Burundi, Benin, Bermuda, Bolivia, Brazil, Bahamas, Botswana, Belarus, Belize, Canada, The Democratic Republic Of Congo, Switzerland, Côte d'Ivoire, Chile, Cameroon, China, Serbia and Montenegro, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Germany, Djibouti, Denmark, Dominica, Algeria, Estonia, Egypt, Eritrea, Spain, Ethiopia, Finland, Fiji, France, Gabon, United Kingdom, Grenada, Georgia, French Guiana, Ghana, Gambia, Guadeloupe, Greece, Guyana, Hong Kong, Croatia, Haiti, Hungary, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, India, Iraq, Iceland, Italy, Jamaica, Jordan, Japan, Kenya, Cambodia, Saint Kitts And Nevis, South Korea, Kuwait, Cayman Islands, Lebanon, Saint Lucia, Liberia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Latvia, Morocco, Madagascar, Macedonia, Mali, Myanmar, Mongolia, Martinique, Mauritania, Malta, Mauritius, Malawi, Malaysia, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, Oman, Peru, Philippines, Pakistan, Poland, Portugal, Paraguay, Qatar, Reunion, Romania, Russia, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Singapore, Slovenia, Slovakia, Sierra Leone, Senegal, Somalia, Suriname, Turks And Caicos Islands, Togo, Thailand, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Tunisia, Turkey, Trinidad and Tobago, Taiwan, Tanzania, Ukraine, Uganda, United States, Uruguay, Uzbekistan, Saint Vincent And The Grenadines, U.S. Virgin Islands, Vietnam, Yemen, Mayotte, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe

Technical Specifications


Max Configurable Power (Watts)
500.0kWatts / 500.0kVA
Output Frequency (sync to mains)
50 Hz +/- 0.1 % For 50 Hz nominal Unsynchronised, 50 Hz Sync to mains, 60 Hz Sync to mains
Other Output Voltages
380 V, 415 V, 440 V
Load Crest Factor
3 with THC <5%
Double conversion online
Waveform type
Sine wave
Overload Operation
10 minutes at 125% and 60 seconds at 150%
Output Voltage THD
< 2% linear load and < 3% non-linear load


Input frequency
40 - 70 Hz
Input Total Harmonic Distortion
Less than 3 % for full load
Other Input Voltages
380 V, 415 V, 440 V
Maximum Short Circuit Withstand (Icw)

Batteries & Runtime

Battery type
External battery system
Nominal Battery Voltage
480 V
End of Discharge Battery Voltage
384 V DC

Communications & Management

Pre-Installed SmartSlot™ Cards
Control panel
7" touch screen display
Audible Alarm
Audible and visible alarms prioritized by severity
Available SmartSlot™ Interface Quantity


Maximum Height
1970MM, 197.0CM
Maximum Width
2700MM, 270.0CM
Maximum Depth
900MM, 90.0CM
Net Weight
Shipping weight
Shipping Height
2150MM, 215.0CM
Shipping Width
3170MM, 317.0CM
Shipping Depth
1060MM, 106.0CM


Operating Temperature
0 - 40 °C
Operating Relative Humidity
0 - 95 (Non-condensing) %
Operating Elevation
0 - 1015.9meters
Storage Temperature
-15 - 40 °C
Storage Relative Humidity
0 - 95 (Non-condensing) %
Storage Elevation
0 - 15240meters
Audible noise at 1 meter from surface of unit
Online thermal dissipation
Protection Class


C-Tick, CE, cUL listed, IBC 2012, IEC 62040-1-1, IEC 62040-2, IEC 62040-3, IEC 62040-4, ISTA 2B, UL 1778 5th edition
Standard warranty
1 year on-site repair or replace with factory authorized Start-Up

Sustainable Offer Status

Proposition 65 Warning
Available in Documentation tab