Chilled Water Units, Upflow with Backward Curved Fans


Description: Perimeter cooling for medium and large data center environments
Chilled Water Units, Upflow with Backward Curved Fans

Uniflair LE Features & Benefits

  • Modular strategy
    Modular design of the mechanical and control systems allow for gradual build-up of the cooling infrastructure to match the cooling demand of the facility. This greatly reduces CAPEX expeditures and provides deferred investment throughout the life of the facility.
  • Optimized management
    Connection between the Computer Room Air Conditioners and the chillers guarantees energy efficiency, based on real instantaneous load conditions (optional)
  • Tandem compressors
    Quiet and efficient operation of compressors, connected on a common refrigerant circuit for staged capacity control (not available for some models/configuration)
  • Electronically Commutated Fans
    Provide the highest efficiency and reduce total power consumption by matching the airflow requirements to the heat load of the data center.
  • Economization
    Achieved by utilizing cool ambient air during winter months to take advantage of economizer hours and eliminating compressor operation.
  • Direct drive motors
    Stress on bearings is nearly eliminated, increasing useful life. Allows integral fan/motor assembly to be factory balanced, which lowers vibration and expedites startup.
  • Redundant Components
    Single points of failure in the system have redundant compononents to maintain availability and reliability.
  • Multi-functional Microprocessor Controller
    Allows the units to restart after a power failure without intervention; Allows for room level redundancy with up to ten units operating in a group; User friendly navigation with icon based displays to indicate mode of operation as well as room conditions; Allows for communication with multiple Building Management System protocols.
  • Electronic expansion valve
    Refrigerant flow optimization at any load and temperature conditions. Continuous indirect refrigerant charge monitoring
  • Active response control
    Monitors and actively adjusts cooling capacity to ensure proper server inlet temperatures. Through the microprocessor controller, visibility into the operation and status of the unit is provided.
  • Network interface
    Provides management by connecting the device directly to the network with a dedicated IP address, avoiding the need for a proxy such as a server. Management is available via Web browser, Telnet or SSH. Notification features inform you of problems as they occur.
  • Local area network
    Creates a shared control between all the available resources for maximum energy efficiency and controlled management of the group during emergency situations
  • Automatic Floor Pressurization System
    Ensures stable airflow pressurization under floor regardless of changes made above the floor
  • Building Management Systems
    Units are designed to work with the most common BMS systems including BACnet and Modbus.
  • Operational Service
    Allows critical components to be maintained/replaced while the system is in operation.
  • Easy service access
    Allows for all serviceable components to be replaced/maintained by easily accessible panels/doors.
  • Service monitoring
    All the monitoring devices on board the unit allow for preventive maintenance and a check of the working condition of the system while its in operation.
Product Distribution
Product Distribution

Afghanistan , Antigua and Barbuda , Anguilla , Netherlands Antilles , Argentina , Australia , Aruba , Barbados , Bangladesh , Bermuda , Brunei , Bolivia , Brazil , Bahamas , Bhutan , Belize , Cook Islands , Chile , Colombia , Costa Rica , Cuba , Dominica , Dominican Republic , Ecuador , Fiji , Falkland Islands , Grenada , Guatemala , Guyana , Honduras , Haiti , Indonesia , India , Jamaica , Japan , Cambodia , Saint Kitts And Nevis , South Korea , Cayman Islands , Saint Lucia , Sri Lanka , Myanmar , Mexico , Malaysia , Nicaragua , Nepal , New Zealand , Panama , Peru , Papua New Guinea , Philippines , Puerto Rico , Paraguay , Singapore , El Salvador , Thailand , TP , Trinidad and Tobago , Uruguay , Saint Vincent And The Grenadines , Venezuela , U.S. Virgin Islands , Vietnam

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