EcoStruxure IT Expert

A cloud-based, vendor agnostic, secure solution that enables wherever-you-go monitoring and visibility into your IT physical infrastructure

EcoStruxure IT Expert provides an efficient way for distributed IT and local edge organizations to monitor their power and cooling multi-vendor physical infrastructure equipment. Real-time monitoring, benchmarking, assessment, and instant fault notification and escalation provide the visibility and insights you need to proactively manage your IT infrastructure. This open and flexible central repository of critical information can be accessed by multiple users, and your preferred partner, from anywhere on the network, allowing quick resolution of critical infrastructure events that can adversely affect IT system availability. With the power of the cloud, you can make data-driven decisions, react to abnormal device behavior before it becomes an issue, and run analytics that will help you focus on what matters.

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Product EcoStruxure IT Gateway NUC Part Number INNUC0119 Price 833,69 €
Product Ecostruxure IT Expert Access for 100 nodes Part Number SFTWES100-DIGI Price 5 384,50 €
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Product Ecostruxure IT Expert Access for 1000 nodes Part Number SFTWES1000-DIGI Price 39 809,00 €
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Product Ecostruxure IT Expert Access for 1250 nodes Part Number SFTWES1250-DIGI Price 49 731,00 €
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Product Ecostruxure IT Expert Access for 150 nodes Part Number SFTWES150-DIGI Price 7 502,00 €
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Product Ecostruxure IT Expert Access for 1500 nodes Part Number SFTWES1500-DIGI Price 59 653,00 €
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Product Ecostruxure IT Expert Access for 200 nodes Part Number SFTWES200-DIGI Price 10 012,75 €
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Product Ecostruxure IT Expert Access for 250 nodes Part Number SFTWES250-DIGI Price 12 584,00 €
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Product Ecostruxure IT Expert Access for 350 nodes Part Number SFTWES350-DIGI Price 16 214,00 €
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Product Ecostruxure IT Expert Access for 500 nodes Part Number SFTWES500-DIGI Price 20 570,00 €
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Product Ecostruxure IT Expert Access for 750 nodes Part Number SFTWES750-DIGI Price 29 887,00 €
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Private networking Reduce IP addresses needed on the public network to manage devices, by placing them on an isolated secure network.
Automatic updates and backups Updates and backups are automatically applied to always provide the most current solution.
Auto-discovery Reduces the time needed to install and deploy physical infrastructure devices by automatically detecting manageable devices on your network.
Centralized Alert Repository Access historical alerts from several appliances through one central database. Sort alerts by type, date, appliance, and/or device group.
Graphical trending analysis Access current and historic data for any device or group of devices. Plot and graph multiple data points in a logical correlation to visualize potential hazardous trends.
Custom reporting Create, save and schedule user-defined reports for ease of data collection, distribution and analysis.
Assessment Determine patterns of healthy behavior and provide a scorecard using analytics and machine learning to identify which devices require attention.
Cloud-based monitoring Maintain uptime for local edge and distributed environments and check the status of your physical infrastructure equipment from a centralized view, ensuring peace of mind whether onsite or remote.
Centralized Inventory Management Obtain Immediate and detailed visibility of all physical infrastructure devices by geography or customizable location.
Event Notifications Receive real-time event notifications that minimize response times to critical physical infrastructure situations, reduce mean time to repair, improve efficiency, and maximize uptime.
Unified console Customizable Windows and Linux client application enables instant access from any browser or mobile device
Multi-vendor device support Extensive multi-vendor support for monitoring networked SNMP, MODBUS and Redfish devices. Enables visibility of devices through threshold alert notifications, data trending and reporting.
Benchmarking Compare your devices performance against the total population of similar devices in the industry.
Alarm Consolidation Reduces erroneous alarms and decreases MTTR by detecting the root cause in minutes.
Extendable architecture Available node and application license keys extend the capabilities of the platform allowing it to grow to meet changing business needs.
Encrypted communications 2048 bit RSA certificate and data is encrypted in transit using 256 bit AES encryption. EcoStruxure IT Gateway uses an outbound connection through Port 443, and only communicates to EcoStruxure IT cloud using and
Remote monitoring support Web-based service that serves as a second set of eyes into the health of a company's physical infrastructure. Experienced professionals work non-stop to provide 24-hour monitoring and to help diagnose problems before they become critical.
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Bainbridge Island School District Case Study StruxureOn Video