Extended Warranties

Get an extension of factory warranty coverage beyond the original factory warranty term for peace of mind and protection from failure

The Extended Warranty enables repair or replacement of your single phase UPS and accessories (PDU) for an additional 1 to 3 years. It includes several additional benefits, like 24/7 Customer Service support, Service Entitlement support and next-business-day shipment of replacement units.

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Products Part Number Compare
Product 1 Year Extended Warranty Part Number WEXTWAR1YR
How to buy
Product 3 Year Extended Warranty Part Number WEXTWAR3YR
How to buy
Parts included Replacement parts & components are included with some service contracts. Please see the statement of work for service specifics.
Technical support Our experienced technical support engineers are available to answer your questions, giving you peace of mind knowing the help you need is there when you need it.
Free shipping Our Extended Warranty program offers you free shipping, making sure you get the replacements you need with no additional expense.
Warranty Duration Options Multi-year protection options available to meet your business requirements