Critical Facility Operations

Dedicated Schneider Electric staff on site will operate and maintain your data center utilizing a highly developed, standardized program focused on industry best practices

As data center managers look to increase performance, reliability and efficiency while minimizing risk, and eliminating the complexities of day-to-day operations, more and more are turning to Schneider Electric to manage their facilities.

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Product Facility Operations Part Number WQFO
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Total Cost of Ownership
Systems Optimization System benchmarking, measurement and continuous parameter adjustment for performance and efficiency optimization.
Code & Regulatory Compliance Ensuring conformance to local, state and federal regulatory requirements pertaining to facility systems and activities.
Emergency Preparedness & Response Business continuity assurance through crisis planning, emergency procedure development, scenario drills and incident management
Change Management Risk mitigation through direct vendor supervision and process oversight
Facility Management Dedicated on-site mission critical facility operations and maintenance specialists
Facility Documentation Creation, updating, organization and storage of critical facility documents and drawings
Maintenance Programing Maintenance program planning, performance, measurement and optimization
Performance Optimization Enhanced reliability through development, implementation and continuous improvement of site specific maintenance procedures
Operational Safety Hazard analysis and mitigation, training, policy coordination, and facility safety management