SmartShelter Data Hall

Large, scalable prefabricated IT infrastructure comprised of multiple SmartShelter Modules ganged together to create a configurable design and complete d optimized for service providers and large enterprises

SmartShelter Data Hall offers a scalable, data center infrastructure solution for large service providers and enterprise customer deploying in 50-100 rack increments with the ability to easily add future capacity. The solution consists of factory-built IT modules with 14-15 racks, ganged together on-site, with minimal construction, to form a large, functional IT room. Locate data center outside or into a simple building shell as a stand-alone system that has physical security, power and cooling redundancy, and can be remotely monitored and managed with a full suite of DCIM software. - Decrease risk with a pre-engineered, fully managed system - Preserve CapEx by growing infrastructure with demand - Adjust plans for future expansions with repeatable and flexible designs SmartShelter Data Hall contains complete data center physical infrastructure, assembled and tested in a multiple-module configuration to provide a fully functional data center.

容易で迅速な配備 予め組立てられたモジュールはすぐに配備できる状態でサイトに届くので、設置の時間とコストを大幅に削減します。
予め加工され工場で組立てられた 予め組立てられたモジュールは、管理された工場環境の中で精密な仕様にしたがって設計され組立てられ、またDCIMソフトウェアを利用することで信頼性も向上し、より予想可能なデータセンター運用が可能となります。
Predictable Cost and Performance Pre-engineered designs and factory assembled and tested infrastructure dramatically reduce total the total project timeline and complexity. This minimizes construction cost overruns and changes to the original engineering design. The result is the cost you expected the performance you planned for.
容易で迅速な配備 予め組立てられたモジュールはすぐに配備できる状態でサイトに届くので、設置の時間とコストを大幅に削減します。