Air-Cooled Water Chillers - LRAC180A - 400V/3N/50HZ (A1B0110004A-Domestic)


Air-Cooled Water Chillers - LRAC180A - 400V/3N/50HZ (A1B0110004A-Domestic)


Description: Air-cooled Chillers with axial fans for outdoor installation for mission critical applications
Air-Cooled Water Chillers - LRAC180A - 400V/3N/50HZ (A1B0110004A-Domestic)

Aquaflair AC Features & Benefits

  • Variable speed fans
    Variable speed fans reduce energy consumption during off-peak cooling periods.
  • Integrated Hydronics Package
    Includes all the necessary components to make one connection to the chilller without the need of external connections to auxiliary equipment such as pumps, increasing the speed of deployment.
  • Optimized management
    Connection between the Computer Room Air Conditioners and the chillers guarantees energy efficiency, based on real instantaneous load conditions (optional)
  • Tandem compressors
    Quiet and efficient operation of compressors, connected on a common refrigerant circuit for staged capacity control (not available for some models/configuration)
  • High performance technological solutions
    Optimize the unit operation at any load or ambient condition, guaranteeing an extremely low power consumption
  • Modular strategy
    Modular design of the mechanical and control systems allow for gradual build-up of the cooling infrastructure to match the cooling demand of the facility. This greatly reduces CAPEX expeditures and provides deferred investment throughout the life of the facility.
  • Integrated pumps adjustment system
    (Optional) VSD onboard pumps are available for continuous adjustment of the chilled water loop available pressure. This provides automatic adjustments in Chilled water flow due to changes in cooling demand which ensures efficiency of the chilled water system.
  • Quick restart
    Full load operation in less than 3 minutes with specific arrangements permits undersizing of the storage tanks
  • Operational Service
    Allows critical components to be maintained/replaced while the system is in operation.
  • Easy service access
    Allows for all serviceable components to be replaced/maintained by easily accessible panels/doors.
  • Service monitoring
    All the monitoring devices on board the unit allow for preventive maintenance and a check of the working condition of the system while its in operation.
  • Separate power input
    Draws power from the external UPS for mainboards and heaters to monitor and protect the unit even in complete power failure mode (optional)
  • Quick restart
    Full load operation in less than 3 minutes with specific arrangements permits undersizing of the storage tanks
  • Redundant Components
    Single points of failure in the system have redundant compononents to maintain availability and reliability.
  • Continuous current monitoring
    Permits a continuous monitoring of the compressor’s absorbed current to signal possible discrepancies with the default values (Optional).
  • Active response control
    Monitors and actively adjusts cooling capacity to ensure proper server inlet temperatures. Through the microprocessor controller, visibility into the operation and status of the unit is provided.
  • Electronic expansion valve
    Refrigerant flow optimization at any load and temperature conditions. Continuous indirect refrigerant charge monitoring
Product Distribution
Product Distribution


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  • Maximum Height
    1250mm , 125.0CM
  • Maximum Width
    620mm , 62.0CM
  • Maximum Depth
    2027mm , 202.7CM
  • Net Weight
  • Shipping weight
  • Shipping Height
    1473mm , 147.3CM
  • Shipping Width
    760mm , 76.0CM
  • Shipping Depth
    2250mm , 225.0CM
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